“These people are willing to kill themselves…” – Rush Limbaugh

Did you catch Rush Limbaugh on Friday?  He tore into Obama and Napolitano.  Deservedly so.

We have people who are obsessed with political correctness, and they take their orders from on high.  The guy at the top sets the tone, and he doesn’t care.  All this is a political inconvenience for him.  He doesn’t really wish he had to deal with this.  He really believes that “toning down the rhetoric” and running around the world apologizing for America will make all these people love him and thus not attack the country.

He doesn’t have the slightest understanding. A peacenik can’t possibly because peaceniks always blame America for the problems that we face in the world, and when they blame us they think we sorta deserve whatever we get.

So you got guys that don’t come back from vacation after an event like this, including the president. And you’ve got Janet Napolitano out there who is saying some of the most ridiculous things like she’s most surprised by “Al-Qaeda’s determination.”  How can anybody in this country, whether you’re in the government or not, be surprised by their determination?

These people are willing to kill themselves for whatever perverted cause they believe in.

It matters who we have in these positions, and we have a bunch of Global Peace March people. We really do have a bunch of New Agers in there who believe that all the problems in the world are caused by this country.  And Obama, because he runs around apologizing, is certainly one of those people, and that’s who he hires. That’s who he appoints.  We shouldn’t be surprised by any of this.

When a 20-something Muslim male buys a one-way ticket with cash and has no luggage, that’s not a dot. That’s a fire alarm!  He may as well have “I’m a terrorist” taped on his T-shirt.

And the buck stops with Obama?  That’s just boob bait for the media, and it’s working. The media and everybody is saying, “Oh, he’s really coming around now. He really gets it now.”  The failure here is… He can have all the speeches in the world he wants.  He can have all the tough talk he wants.

But if we don’t have the will to fight, to face who we are up against and understand honestly who we’re up against and then deal with them accordingly — if we’re going to beat up ourselves over Abu Ghraib, if we’re going to beat up ourselves over Guantanamo Bay and not understand who the hell we’re dealing with — then we’re never going to beat ’em, despite all the great rhetoric and speeches anybody can give.

The failure here is not setting the nation and the world on a wartime mentality.  I watched that speech yesterday.  I actually expected him to say at the end of it (Clinton impression), “Now it’s time for me to get back to work on health reform for the American people.”

Be sure to watch for my Surfin Safari column at World Net Daily on Monday, where you’ll find out about ALL the terrorist attacks that have taken place all over the world. It will — excuse the pun — blow your mind.  Rush is telling it like it is.  We aren’t safe.  Not as long as Obozo and his crew are in charge…

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