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Echoing what my sister Nina said on my radio show last Friday night,  Boston radio show host Michael Graham also says he’s never seen anything like it.

I ran campaigns for six years, and I’ve been watching campaigns for years more, and I’ve never seen the “We’ve got to win this race” attitude from regular voters like I’m seeing for Scott Brown.

In a typical campaign, the hardest part is getting people to actually do things—show up at events, make phone calls, etc.  They all talk a good game, but what you usually end up with is a hard core group of activists begging folks just to put a sign in their yards.  That’s why money is so important—so campaigns can pay people to do the work.  Even Obama had to use money to get his “community activist” campaign off the ground in early 2008.

Scott Brown is having the opposite problem.  People are begging for stuff to do, and the campaign can’t keep up with the demand.  On Saturday, driving between Ashland and Littleton, I saw more people displaying home made signs than printed ones.

“Home made signs?”  I can’t tell you how astonishing that is to a paid political consultant.  I was talking to a pal of mine still in the GOP political biz, and he was blown away.

There are home made Scott Brown signs all over this state.  Some are magic marker on poster board, others are hand painted and carefully designed, but they all show the same thing: Brown’s voters are the most motivated voters I’ve ever seen in a campaign. Even more motivated than Obama voters a year ago.

Nina, her husband John, my Mom, and several members of my extended family reside in “Taxachusetts”.  They are asking you to support Scott Brown for US Senate because they’ve lived under decades of Ted Kennedy’s socialist policies, and seen first hand what the liberal progressive agenda in Congress and the White House is rapidly doing to our country.

“For family and friends in Massachusetts, this Tuesday we have the chance to not just change the direction of Massachusetts, but we can change the direction of the presidency.  We have the most wonderful opportunity to take back our country…” — Nina Clay

Even if you do not live in the Bay State, birthplace of the American Revolution, you might have family and friends who do.  Please tell them why it’s so important to vote for limited government and against the destructive “change” of the Obama administration.  And that a vote for Scott Brown is a vote against socialism and big government.  The Kennedy era is over.  It is the people’s seat.  The result of this election WILL affect all of us.  Scott Brown for US Senate.

Take a moment to watch this short clip.  As the youngster says at its conclusion, a vote for Scott Brown means his father can keep his money!

Please tell folks you know all over the country. You never know who knows someone who’ll be voting in Massachusetts this Tuesday.

By Radiopatriot

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