Tonight on The Andrea Shea King Show we’ll be watching the President’s STFU SOTU Speech to the nation.  Will there be someone in the well screaming “YOU LIE!” ?  Fifty extra points!

Will Cong. Joe Wilson be wearing a muzzle?

Will the Republicans scream and stamp their feet, raise their fists, and show their displeasure with Obammy’s big pivot?

Will someone yell  “Who’s your Daddy?”

How many times will the Uusrper in chief use the words and phrases included in the BINGO! card above? (Print it out and play along!)

Join us as we pop a cork in honor of our Constitution, and hold this Democrat jackass Socialist Donkey accountable as we listen to the sparkling rhetoric his teleprompter is sure to offer.

We start primly and promptly at 9 ET — just about the time the sergeant at arms will be heralding the grand entrance of his Majesty the King,  TOTUS POTUS!

Link here to join us…  it’ll be a lot of laughs.

*** A doff o’ the cap to Tom E. at The New Editor for the Bingo card.