Michael Johns bests Couric; joins us tonight.

Michael Johns (right) and Kellan Guida are interviewed by CBS News' Katie Couric, Jan. 25, 2010

Michael Johns has been engaged in politics for 25 years. He’s written speeches for President George H. W. Bush, worked as a policy analyst and writer for the Heritage Foundation, was a senior aide to Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe and former New Jersey governor and 9-11 Commission chairman Tom Kean.

So to say that Michael knows what he’s talking about doesn’t even come close. He was recently interviewed by CBS news’ Katie Couric, and tonight he’ll join us with his take on a myriad of topics, from the rumors of a Tea Party division, to its impact on the midterm elections. We’ll find out what he advises Americans to do about this year’s census, the federal budget, and what conservatives must do to neutralize and halt the Obama administration’s rapidfire tactics to cement us into a socialist nation ruled by the Soros-backed Chicago Marxist radicals and the corrupt Washington elite.

The U.S. Constitution, the Tea Party movement, the so-called “health care reform”, TARP, Stimulus. Lots of ground to cover.

Oh, and… we’ll talk about Obama’s refusal to discuss his background, including the circumstances surrounding his birth and subsequent eligibility to hold the office of president.

All that coming up at 9 pm ET tonight on The Andrea Shea King Show. Link here to listen:


And watch Michael Johns impressive interview with Mizz Katie Colonoscopy.


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  1. Very eloquent guys. Very nice. Not perfect but well spoken. This should have been done in parts. When is part 2 coming up? Tea party Movement is first and foremost about honoring the constitution as it stands and is against Government corruption. Fiscal responsibility is a by product of the former. It’s about the birth certificate as it relates to the constitution. Everyone but obama showed thier eligiblity. We want the authentic BC and not a fictitious one. Tea Party movement is not about one single cause except to protect and defend the constitution. A huge part of the membership are the boomers and half were once upon a time activists in the 60’s. So don’t tread on Tea Partiers.

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