My show producer, friend and fellow blogger Dave Logan has written a very nice piece about me today.  It’s really the nicest thing, and I’m very honored by it.  Thank you, Dave. The occasion?  The anniversary of the day Pauline and Joe welcomed me onto this mortal coil.

Reading Dave’s kind words reminded me to take a look back to when I was a full-time paid journalist, earning barely enough in East Central Maine to pay the bills.  Misery loves company, especially when you’re young, cold, hungry, and hopeful for a career in television.  And so a group of us Emerson College emigres from Boston formed a tight nucleus, whose friendship has lasted to this day.  Rod Meloni is now a financial reporter at WDIV-TV in Detroit.  Dana Wirth has raised a beautiful family while staying in the business.  And Joe Amato went on to become a star anchor at The Onion. Which is fittingly foretold, as you will see.

So on this day when I mark a milestone — and trust me, it IS a major milestone — I thought it would be fun to take a look back at where I was lo’ those many years ago.  The reel above is a series of bloopers (thanks to Don Seavey, one of the most creatively talented still and video photographers I’ve worked with) from my co-anchoring days with Alan Audet (who later went on to become a producer at CNN) at WABI-TV, in Bangor-By-God-It’s Cold, Maine.

This next video clip is not a spoof from Saturday Night Live, although it could have been.  I watch it now and it’s hard to believe this isn’t a skit.  It’s comedy gold.

Let me set it up: News director Gordon Manuel is at the anchor desk. When we’re not on camera with him,  Rod Meloni and I are in the background.  Gordon thought it added a sense of — ummm, immediacy.  Gordon’s television news motto was posted for all to see in the newsroom:  “THINK RADIO”.  Does it get any richer than that?

And finally, the clip below was of my last newscast before I came to WESH-TV in Orlando.  You’ll get a sneak peek at my daughter Jennifer (who now has four children of her own) at the very end.  The cake was in celebration of my departure.  Today, it celebrates my arrival into a new decade. Thanks Pauline and Joe.  It’s been an amazing run.

Thanks Dave. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The best is yet to come.