This morning this came to me in an email from a friend:

I am getting a lot of emails for me to watch this video – folks (conservatives) are very impressed: ” target=_blank<>
What they do not realize is that the video is produced by People for the American Way.
And, if they do know that, they may not know who those people are.
This video/subject might be worthy of your attention.

He is absolutely correct.  At first view, it seems all apple pie and flag waving.  But…

First clue:  Norman Lear. Founding chair of People for the American Way.

Second clue:  Hollywood.

Third clue:
All one needs to do is visit the website of People for the American Way to see that they are for government-controlled solutions.  Misguided souls.  Just read what they have on their page about the SCOTUS decision re: McCain-Feingold, or the results of the MA Brown/Coakley election, and you’ll know immediately that though these people talk about the founding documents, they bastardize them.  Limited government?  They wouldn’t know it if they read it in the Constitution.  Obviously…

Typical of the Progressives.  Twisting the truth is a central tenet of their guru Saul Alinsky – to whom he dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to the greatest Deceiver of all — Lucifer.

Just another reminder that we can’t be too careful about taking everything on the internet at face value.  Research everything.