Settle for status quo, lose your edge.

1. Restore America with term limits

2. No federal pay check… Each state pays their wages

3. Govt based on GNP

Three points that Capt. Jim Kinney, USN [retired] will be explaining tonight when he joins me on The Andrea Shea King Show.

Capt. Kinney, founder of Inspire & Ignite, and author of The Second American Revolution, was assigned in 1979 by the Navy to establish a new aviation reconnaissance squadron for the Pacific Fleet.

After a tour on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Jim was given command of the Navy recruiting district in Little Rock, AR.

Late in 2007, Gov. Mike Huckabee, a long time friend, asked Jim and his wife Linda to come onboard his campaign staff.

“I’ve learned that as soon as we are willing to settle for the status quo, we lose our edge.”

Join us tonight.  It’s “Just a Thought”

The Andrea Shea King Show

9 pm ET


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