Like many others, we were shocked when we learned that Sarah Palin was going to campaign — again —  for Sen. John McCain.

But after considering it, we’ve figured out why she’s doing it.  She has no other option.

Well, let me clarify… she does have a choice, but it’s a Hobson’s choice.  She can take it. Or leave it. But there are consequences.

McCain now finds himself in an unpredictable race to retain his Senate seat, with no guarantee for a fifth term. He needs Palin as much now as he did in 2008. He’s hoping her connection to “the people” — whose mood is to sweep out the establishment incumbents come November — will save him.

If she declines to campaign for him now, one could rightfully question why she was on his 2008 ticket in the first place.  Was she an opportunist, compromising principle to join a ticket that could have placed her a heartbeat away from the presidency?

The four-term Arizona Senator elevated Palin to national attention.  What would it say about her if she refused him now?

Some are making negative comments about Palin’s commitment to campaign for McCain.  “That’s it, I’ve lost respect for her”.  Others are disappointed that after the shabby treatment she got from McCain’s campaign staff, she didn’t kiss him off.

Politics is a dirty, nasty game.  Smiling in your face, they’ll cut your throat.  Quid pro quo every step of the way. “Vote for me on this issue, I’ll support your piece of crap legislation later…  and screw the people back home.”  Because as you and I have finally figured out, the Congress no longer works for us.  We work for them. We’re the groundskeepers for the D.C. country club set.

So there’s always the likelihood that if she doesn’t campaign for him, Palin will be destroyed.  McCain wields extraordinary power with a long political reach. He could end her political career. With the help of the RNC, the DNC would crush her and the media vultures would pick her bones clean.

We think Sarah Palin is smarter than some people give her credit for, a smart cookie with a ton of no-nonsense common sense.

So she’s going to play the game.  Because these are extraordinary times, and she knows she can be a force for change.  The right change.  It’s a very delicate political dance. She’s of the Tea Party movement and she’s going to do the right thing for the movement. But in order to do so, she’s got to dance one more time with the one that brung her.  Let’s hope the voters in Arizona make it his last.