“The Tea Party Is Not Going To Go Anywhere” – Ah-nuld the Brilliant

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, under whose term as guvnah the state of Cah-lee-fo-neeyah has gone bankrupt, should have stuck to movies.  His skill at memorizing lines, flexing muscles, and portraying memorable characters far exceeds his ability to think abstractly and see clearly what’s right in front of his face.  To wit, his statement about the growing Tea Party movement on Sunday morning’s “This Week” with Terry Moran.

“The Tea Party is not going to go anywhere. I think the Tea Party is all about just an expression of anger and dissatisfaction.”

Referring to the Republican party, ostensibly HIS party, Ah-nuhld called them the party of “no”.

“They’re the party of no, and at the same time, I think that there are a lot of people that are disenchanted and dissatisfied and they’re angry and this is why you have the Tea Party and all of those things.  The Tea Party is not going to go anywhere.   I think the Tea Party is all about just an expression of anger and dissatisfaction and I see it in California when people come up to me and says, you know I’m angry that you guys don’t get along in Sacramento.  I’m angry that they’re not getting along in Washington.  I’m angry that nothing gets done.  I’m angry that I’m unemployed.  I’m angry that people are losing homes. I’m angry that businesses are losing their businesses and all of those kind of things.  And the economy is down.

“But that’s only the case in California.  That’s not only the case in America.  That’s the case all over the world.  If you read six newspapers from different parts of the world, you will see the headlines are pretty much the same.  They’re all angry at their leaders because the economy is down and the world basically has one-third less wealth right now.  And so that makes people angry.”

Oh, is that all it is?  Schwarzenegger the brilliant.  He dismisses it as just so much anger.  It’s the same all over the world.  Meh… whaddya gonna do?  The natives are restless. Angry because the economy is down.

Well, ya.  Angry because of socialist policies and programs that have killed the goose that laid the Golden State egg.  He doesn’t drill down to the essential question, and that is “why?”  Why are the people angry?.

It’s a stroke of luck the people of the Golden State won’t have this guy around another term. His days in office end January 2011.  But in the meantime, has he not learned anything?  Cah-lee-for-neeyah needs to send him packing to the backlot from whence he came with this message: “It’s judgment day. You’re terminated.” And elect a governor with some common sense and conservative values.

And while they’re at it, time to clean out that white building in Sacramento, with this message to the corruptocrats:  “Don’t be back.”


By Radiopatriot

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