Hitting the MUTE button on The Won


Ok folks, I’ve been listening to this so-called Health Care Summit all afternoon, and the continuous droning of President I-Gotta-Be-Me at the end of it is about as much as I can stand.

There will be a ton of post-game analysis on this farce, so I’ll leave you to read them on your own.  Mine can be summed up in this picture, which for me, says it all.

Pres. Obama Picks His Nose at Health Care "Summit" in response to Republicans' concerns.


Purple Avenger at Ace of Spades has an interesting anecdote to tell…

Old and busted: Obama Commemorative “Historic” victory plates that sold for $20 now $2 at Big Lots

Just got back from Big Lots while making my weekly Arugula and Wagu Beef run and they had a big stack of handsomely boxed limited run Obama commemorative plates for $2. They used to sell for $20+S&H on TV. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Even though they were placed on an endcap at the front of the store, it didn’t look like they were moving.

Anyone want to wager this rather embarrassing remaindered stock vanishes very quickly due to an “anonymous” bulk buy?

The folks at Just One Minute (h/t Larwyn) have some suggestions:

JOMers suggest buying them for:

  • SKEET/TRAP SHOOTING (I’ll add – send some to Dick Cheney – sure he’d love that!!!)

Sure they will add to the list.


And while we’re over there at Ace’s Place…

Ace talks about his — um, manly reaction — to Rep. Paul Ryan’s memorable statements during today’s health care dog and pony show:


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