What does the Bible say about the End Times?

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Walid Shoebat – God’s War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy, and the Bible.

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Former Palestinian terrorist converted to Christianity scholar and lecturer Walid Shoebat talks about the Middle East and what the Bible tells us about its politics, Islam, Israel and the End Times.

You really don’t even have to be a religious person to appreciate Walid Shoebat’s very solid case for his view that the Bible’s Anti-Christ is Islam’s promised Messiah the Al Mahdi. You don’t even have to believe in God to see that his evidence is pretty compelling.

In his book, Walid is extremely detailed and pulls no punches on things.  Walid Shoebat is going shake the foundation of what many Bible believers have been told over the last 50 to 100 years. And help many Christians to better understand what part Islam plays in the End Times. Surely many Christians who have never read about Islam’s Messiah the Al Mahdi are going to be shocked out of their comfort zones by Shoebat’s findings because they have been taught for so long to be looking to Europe for the Anti Christ.

This Ex-Islamic Terrorist Walid Shoebat heavily supports his ideas about Islam’s awaited Messiah the Al Mahdi being the Bibles Anti-Christ from front to back. He basically says that today’s acts of Islamic Terrorism are really practice runs for the return of Islam’s promised Messiah the Al Mahdi by today’s overly impatient and eager Islamic Terrorists.

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