Cashill, Popes and Bankers, tonight on The Andrea Shea King Show


Tonight on The Andrea Shea King Show

Jack Cashill, author, investigative journalist, film maker

9 pm ET

Jack’s got a new book out — and we’ve invited him on the show to talk about it because I know you’ll be interested to hear what he has to say.

In an article he wrote about Popes & Bankers, Jack says:

Had the culture celebrated marriage and the government rewarded it, there would have been no subprime crisis, and all other tax-eating pathologies would have been contained. Allow me to explain.

In my new book, Popes and Bankers: A Cultural History of Credit and Debit from Aristotle to AIG, I have attempted to reverse engineer our train wreck of an economy and see where exactly it went off the tracks. In the book, I begin my search at Deuteronomy, but a more proximate milestone on the path to understanding might be January 20, 1993, the day on which Bill Clinton was inaugurated.

Inspired by James Carville’s famed maxim, “It’s the economy, stupid,” number cruncher extraordinaire Bill Clinton crunched his opponent with economic metrics right into the White House. Unfortunately, Clinton had been crunching the wrong numbers all along.

Read the entire piece here, and tune in tonight at 9 ET.


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