Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Glenn Beck talking about last night’s event at the Nokia Theater in NYC — says the FBI was there to augment Beck’s security team because it was considered a “High Risk” event.  FBI had a tip that someone was going to shoot Beck in the head while he was on stage.

Beck wore a bullet-proof vest onstage.  He said while Steven Kruiser Crowder (sorry) was on stage ahead of him, he was backstage putting on the vest.  His wife Tanya, who must have been scared to death for his safety, looked him in the eye, squared her shoulders, then wished him  “Good luck.  Have a good show.”  Brave people.

During the show, electrical power was lost twice, and a medical emergency involving an audience member caused a temporary disruption.

Glenn’s most recent “tweet” appeared on his Twitter page March 8th.  He wrote: “Wow.hate has grown 10 fold in mail.We must really be on it otherwise why would anyone care?”


Yesterday Rush Limbaugh broke with a long standing policy, urging his listeners to call Capitol Hill.

“I think it is pedal-to-the-metal time, and even if you have been e-mailing and faxing and calling, I think it’s time to intensify it.”

Replying on-air to a question emailed to him from Michael Calderone at Politico, Rush answered:

“Why did I feel it necessary to do it now?”  Because this is ballgame.  This is ballgame.  And Michael, the only reason we’re at this point is because the American people have stood up.  The Republicans don’t have the votes to stop this, the Martians don’t have the votes to stop this (and Republicans may as well be Martians on this, given all their influence).  All we can do is continue to have the American people let it be known they want no part of this, the substance of the bill, or the process.  They don’t like it, and that’s why I am urging them to call, ’cause this is a transformation of our country into something that no one has ever seen it be like.  We don’t want that transformation to take place.  We like America as it was founded. We don’t want to turn it into a Third World country.


Mark Levin is promising to take this to the Supreme Court if the bill is passed through the Slaughter “deeming” rule.

“Here we have the President of the United States and Congressional leaders actually talking about the possibility of a brazen and open violation of one of the most fundamental aspects of our Constitution and Republic! How we actually make laws!Let me be as clear as I know how. If this is done, this will create the greatest Constitutional crisis since the Civil War. It would be 100 times worse than Watergate.

…It would be government by fiat… meaning there would be no law… the mere discussion by officials in this government is such a grotesque violation of the actual legislative function of Congress [that it] puts us… at the brink. At the brink.

This is why we conservatives revere the Constitution. This is why we stress the Constitution’s words have meaning and historical context and must be complied with. Because otherwise we have anarchy, which leads to tyranny.

This is a crucial lesson for those of you who… aren’t sure what your beliefs are, or if you have any beliefs. Or aren’t sure if you even care. We have an effort underway by the one of the most powerful chairmen in Congress, the woman who heads the Rules Committee, …openly discussing gutting Congress. Gutting Congress.

And if this is done, this is about as close to martial law as you’ll ever get… So Louise Slaughter, a Representative from New York, is discussing, in essence, martial law. Now I can tell you, if they pursue this process, and try to impose this kind of a law, without actually passing a statute, that I will be in a race — with scores of others — to the courthouse to stop this.

I can’t think of a more blatant violation of the U.S. Constitution than this. And the liberal media has essentially ignored it!

…It’s not only absurd on its face — that these power-hungry ideologues, party-first-country-second types, would make the claim that the House voted on something it never voted on… that’s not only absurd on its face, it’s blatantly unconstitutional!


By Radiopatriot

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