Confessions of a Black Conservative


9pm, ET

He debuted his first book “Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America” at CPAC last month.

Lloyd Marcus, longtime friend of our program, returns tonight to tell us what’s between the covers.  “I pray it will contribute to opening the eyes of my fellow blacks who have been deceived for so many years,” he says.

Lloyd describes himself as a (black) Unhyphenated American! Entertainer/Speaker “American Tea Party Patriot”.

He’ll be joining the Tea Party Express III national tour, and we’ll travel together with Mark Williams, Diana Nagy, The Rivoli Review and many others aboard the TPXIII motor coach that will take us to 42 cities in 20 days.

We’re looking forward to meeting you — our fellow Americans — at Tea Party Rallies in 24 states.  As Lloyd puts it, “For me, the rallies are family reunions!  I can’t wait to see you!”  Me too.

We can’t wait to talk to Lloyd tonight.  Join us!

Painting by Lloyd Marcus

By Radiopatriot

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