2010 Census – Meet My Constitution.


Given what happened this past weekend with the House passage of the so called “health care” bill, do you really trust the Federal Government when it comes to filling out the 2010 Census that came in your mail?

I don’t.  So when my Census form came, I filled out Questions 1 and 2.

Then I printed out that portion of the Constitution (Article 1, Section 2) that lays out the purpose of the ten-year census, attached it to the form and returned the whole deal to the envelope, sealed it and mailed it.

I did not give them my telephone number.  I did not give them my age or birth date, my race, creed, color, etc.

I did not tell them whether I held a mortgage or rented my abode. I told them nothing beyond what I am required to do by my Constitution.

Let them come.  Bring it.

Pamela Geller and David Horowitz have posted about it.  And their posts have attracted hundreds of comments from folks like you and me who are saying “NO” to the federal government’s intrusion into our lives with questions that have no Constitutional business being asked.

What about you?  Have you filled out your Census form yet?  Did you answer all the questions?


I was reading some of the comments folks have left at Big Government’s site, and had to share some of the better ones with you.  Here we go…

  • I answered only names and ages…as for everything else I wrote: “I refuse to answer”. For “race” I put AMERICAN.
  • RACE: Boston Marathon.
  • Race:  Indy 500, yeah, baybee!!!!!!!! (it just don’t get more American than that!) ok, maybe the Kentucky Derby…
  • Posted on my front door. Census taker 1. This is private property; please have your Federal I.D. in clear sight, and a copy of your birth certificate available. 2. Also be aware the owner reserves the right to conduct a search of your person to insure that no weapons, video, and or recording devices of any sort on on your person. 3. Regardless of the weather you will not be invited into this domicile, a warrant is required for entry. However there are chairs and a coffee table on the front porch for your comfort. Kool Aid available on request. 4. If you find these terms unacceptable there are (list of occupants follows) in this household. 5. The number of toilets, sinks, guns, and dogs is none of yours, Rahm Emanuel or his hired thugs (to include SEIU, ACORN, or parolees) business. Rahm fish served on Fridays) 6. A cope of the Constitution can be found at the locale library for reference material. Any instructions you have that are in conflict with that document are illegal, have a nice day.
  • I filled mine out 10 days ago, but was outa’ breath afterward & couldn’t muster enough
    slobbers to seal it, was too far from the sink to dampen my finger to wet it, but finally
    today I found strength enough to pick it up, carry it to the sink, wet it & seal. Whew, tires
    me out just typing about it. How many days ya think I should wait to be sure the seal is
  • My response will be simple: “NONEYA”
    Meaning “None of Your Business”
  • Using what is called the “Intelligent Bar Code System”, the Census Bureau can check on what letters have been delivered, residents who have changed their addresses, homes and apartments that are unoccupied and who has returned their Census form, all in real time.
  • Will the bar code system detect the personal message I wrote to them on the back of the envelope in real time?

    I hope so.

  • The census has been used for nefarious purposes before…
    Remember this, all the talk about confidentiality is only as good as the word of our government. You decide how much faith to put in it.
  • I think it might help if you penciled in a few items on your return:
    Number of guns owned: 4
    Number of dogs owned: 2
    Number of days without sleep because of Feds harassing me: 6
    Dear Census person: do the math.
  • I feel bad for the poor shmoes they have hired to be “Census Takers” they have no idea what they are in for.
  • When I worked for the MPs in Germany typing out incident reports, I always wanted to type “probably” in the SEX box. Maybe this is my big chance……………………..
  • I got hit with the American Community Survey last year. After several visits, threats, etc, I agreed to answer some of the questions. I answered all questions about me. I did not answer any questions regarding the finances of any other adults living in my house, because I don’t know and don’t want to know about their finances. I also didn’t answer any questions about the health or health care of anyone else in my household, because I believe that would be a violation of HIPAA law. They finally went away. This year I was “randomly” chosen by the IRS for an audit…

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  1. Good job. That’s exactly what I did with my census, except I did not print out Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. constitution.

    These Obama administration dipsticks would simply confuse it with toilet paper.

  2. Andrea I received a letter march 11 that I would be getting a census form shortly well that is the last time I received mail. By March 18 We started thinking how come we are not receiving any mail. We went to our main P.O March the 18, the woman went to the back to find out what happened. She came out after about 15 minutes and ask me if there is any reason someone would stop our mail delivery because we were BLACKED OUT. She wouldn’t give me any other info under law!. I don’t know what is going on but I’ve had some strange calls our computers have been manipulated at least three times. We have been getting our mail since the 18th a matter of fact we received that postcard asking why we havn’t sent our form back DUH! we never got it. I don’t want to call the tollfree # and stir anything up.
    By the way I worked the 1970 census in Philadelphia and the 1980’s in Kingman Az
    I hope I don’t have to do a long form they always were very intrusive.
    Can’t wait to see you Saturday
    Dee, Mesa Az.

    1. How mysterious. The postal workers wouldn’t show you any proof that someone might have filled out a STOP Mail delivery card?

      So strange.

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