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Glenn Beck this morning talking about the DEMOCRACY RECOVERY ACT – a nicely named title for the new amnesty act that will be implemented by Obama, with or without the help of  this Congress.  It will empty prisons, and make citizens of the millions of illegals already here, thus guaranteeing the democrats will be in power for another 60 years.

Census, ACORN (which is not going away despite what you read in the news. They are transforming)…  We have the fundamental transformation of America — this is the battle.  Mark Lloyd, all of them, always very careful to make sure they always refer to a dictator as a democratically elected president.

He is telling America that the Administration is setting us up for violence.  They want us to erupt.  They want civil unrest. Don’t fall for it.

Beck’s first hour will be available for download for free today.


At Pajama’s Media blogsite by Kim Zigfeld:

I learned in a tiny Internet blurb from the Associated Press that the U.S. Embassy in Moscow had confirmed that on May 9, 2010, American soldiers would march in the infamous military parade through Red Square alongside the neo-Soviet army of proud KGB spy Vladimir Putin.  Obama wants U.S. soldiers to help the Kremlin celebrate the 65th anniversary of the allied victory over Nazi Germany. British and French soldiers, it seems, will also take part.

All part of the now infamous Obama “reset” on Russia. Next stop for U.S. troops? Maybe a similar parade in Tehran?

Make no mistake about how Russians will understand this event. Putin will say to them: “You see, not only will they not help you fight for democracy, they will march against you. They will help me crush you.” Meanwhile Russian propagandists lose no opportunity to divide and conquer the West, even going so far as to buzz Alaska with nuclear bombers on a routine basis.

The reporting of the item was so obscure, one could almost have thought Obama was ashamed of his decision — as well he might have been.

[Read the whole thing]

The Billboard…

The Lafayette County Republican Party Committee of Missouri representative on the phone with Glenn Beck, explaining that the organization had nothing to do with the billboard. Will do the best I can to transcribe her conversation to Glenn:

“Back in November, I was driving along I-70 I saw this billboard go up.  It was shocking.  I took a picture on my iPhone and added it to our blog and newsletter as news.  We’ve had a whole series of billboards on I-70 and those have been reported in our media.  Kansas City media covered the one that read “Abomination” with the hammer and sickle.  Then the next one went up on that same sign (refering to the one pictured above) and we put it up (on our blog) as news.  Don’t know if it was the same person who put those up.”

Glenn asked her if any other media had contacted her organization to confirm the rumors that it was the Republican Committee who had put up the billboards.

“No other media have contacted us to determine if they were responsible for the board.  We do not condone the billboard at all, that isn’t the way to get things done in this country.  We believe we work hard to get qualified conservative candidates elected who honor the Constitution.

“We’re not part of that, have nothing to do with that.”

She said they began getting intimidating messages from those on the left.

“Then Leftwing bloggers went back into our newsletter and blogged very hateful comments about us. We took all those off because they were so offensive, and went on writing our normal stories, but what happened is they looked up the public information to see who the committee members are and began emailing these members, intimidating them.”

Glenn asking for copies of those emails.


In the midst of all the hyperventilation swirling about, ThirdwaveDave reminds us to stay the course.  Stay focused.  We’re going to hear stories every day.  Remember the adage of the Fox and the Hedgehog.

We must keep our eyes on the prize.  He reminds me of what it takes to be Number One, something the great coach Vince Lombardi said:

“People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.”

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

There are Marxists in the White House.  We know that.  Nothing else should surprise us. We are going to have to defend against it. The game isn’t over.  This is just halftime.

“Once you have established the goals you want and the price you’re willing to pay, you can ignore the minor hurts, the opponent’s pressure and the temporary failures.”


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  1. Under normal circumstances I would agree completely. Are you willing to live 60 years of this to get it straighten out? If Obama gets his amnesty there will not be a 2012 election as we know it. It will look a lot like Iran’s, North Korea, etc. My simple question is how much do you want to put up with before you have had enough? How many court appeals (denied) are you willing to put up with until you say enough. The problem here is not our democratic process. The problem is we no longer have a democratic process. Without it this waiting game will not work. I gave 30 years to keep this country free – I am not going to give another 30 waiting for it to become free again.

  2. I’m getting real damn tired of people in the blogosphere telling me to calm down.

    How are we supposed to remove these criminals without force?

    What good is the vote if Obama can just truck in illegals to win elections?

    No. It’s time for war.

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