Good Morning from Provo, Utah!


This is what I saw from my hotel room when I awoke this morning:

First Light - Provo, Utah

When we came in last night it was dark.  So imagine my surprise to awake and see at first light the sight of these mountains looming in front of me. Wow!

Here’s another shot taken a little later:

I finally have a chance to enjoy uninterrupted internet service here at the hotel, and I’m taking full advantage of it, getting caught up on emails, and visiting sites like Doug Gibbs’ who has a terrific — and funny – write up about the rally in Searchlight.  Be sure to go over and read it.

Time to get moving — the Blue Bus call is coming up fast to take us to our first Tea Party Express III rally this morning.  More later!

I need a bail out!  Won’t you rescue me!  I need a bail out!  Somebody help me please! – Lyrics from The Rivoli Revue‘s Kay and Ron’s “The Bailout Song”, performed at the rallies.


By Radiopatriot

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