Hello Colorado! Grand Junction & Denver – Day 5 of the TPXIII national tour

We’re on the Blue Bus and it is 2 a.m. ET.  We’ve put in a full day with two rallies, one this morning in Grand Junction, the other this afternoon in Denver.  We are on our way to No. Platte, Nebraska for tomorrow’s Tea Party rallies there and in Omaha. We’re about three miles from the hotel, and eager to crash for the night.  Long day.

The bus’ flat panel TV screen is above me and I’m watching the replay of the Glenn Beck Show, hosted tonight by Fox Senior Judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.  Napolitano opens the show explaining four key elements of what’s unconstitutional about the newly signed Health Care law.  Congress cannot order the people to buy health insurance.  The Supreme Court has said the most private of our conversations are between us and our physicians, yet this law required the physicians to report our information to federal bureaucrats.  And that’s just the beginning.  We must destroy this despicable law.  It is strangling us and violating every core principle of our founding document.

The Congress that enacted this monstrosity recognizes no limits on its own powers.  That is 180 degrees from the values of inalienable rights and the limits on government that the Constitution gave us. We MUST vote them out in 2010.

State leaders from across the nation say this law infringes on states rights. And Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum is just one of many state AG’s doing something about it — Florida is suing the Federal Covernment for infringing on state sovereignty.


In the hotel now, finishing up this post before heading to bed.  But before I do, I want to tell you that this is why we’re taking the Tea Party on the road.  We’re meeting with fellow Americans to encourage each other to get involved with local and state governments to push our elected representatives to protect our communities from this monstrous federal government that knows no bounds, much less the constraints of the Constitution. Push back.  PUSH BACK!!!

One woman in Grand Junction hugged me at the conclusion of the rally and began to cry.  “I’m scared”, she told me.  “I’m afraid of where our country is heading.”  I joined my fellow Tea Party speakers and performers,  moving into the crowd to shake hands and thank these wonderful people for coming out on a windy morning to be with us.  It was the most moving thing — the most powerfully emotional thing I’ve experienced to date.  I was in tears, looking into the eyes of men who had fought for our country, and the women who lived through it, waiting for their loved ones, some to never return home again.  They know the fight.  They’ve been there.  But none of them ever imagined anything like this could be happening to them, their children, and their grandchildren.  It moved me beyond words…

Photos follow of our Tea Party Rally in Denver late this afternoon.  More about the Tea Party Express national tour tomorrow. Don’t forget to check Dave’s site for updates.  And tune in to our nightly internet radio show at 9pm ET where Dave has been holding down the fort this week taking on hosting duties. And doing a fine job of it too.  See the post he wrote this morning.

Denver, Colorado
Hello Denver!!!

The crowd cheered loudly for former Congressman and presidential candidate Tom Tancredo


By Radiopatriot

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  1. Great Rally today in Grand Junction, enjoyed it alot! Turnout was pretty goood considering the weather. Read comment’s from the Denver Post story reviewing the Denver rally. You can sure tell their liberal agenda. You know I think we should rename the Tea Party to the Bifocal Express. The “ME” Generation is clueless as to what Obama is doing to their future. The Bifocal people see what’s coming. The Proressive’s think they have their agenda all sewn up! They have made two critical mistakes:
    1. Our generation (45+ and up)is the largest voting block and the most likely to show up at the polls. 2. Probably the most important “We have all the MONEY”! We can still save this great country and your hard work (Tea Party) is making it happen.
    Well keep up the great reporting, enjoy reading it!
    Thanks Mark

  2. I agree with the lady who said that she is afraid where our country is headed. I know that the democratic government is trying their darndest to destroy America any way they can. I am glad that my grandfather and my father do not have to live through this downfall of our country. They were very patriotic people. My father fought in World War 11 and also Korea. This is very very sad. I hope that the people who voted Obama in are regretting voting him for this most powerful office. Every day Obama takes away another one of our rights. When does it stop?

  3. I came to this event expecting a sorry turnout as Denver has become quite progressive. At the Tea Party Express event last fall, we had maybe 600 – 700 people, so I was anticipating a smaller turnout this year. I couldn’t be more wrong.

    I don’t know the official crowd size, but it was easily double what we had last year, and the real pictures (like you’ve posted here) show more than 1,000 people with lots of flags and signs and patriot hearts. Don’t bother going to The Denver Post site to get the facts – or find pictures of people who are smiling and holding their hands over their hearts.

    On behalf of those of us who understand all too well what our government is doing, THANK YOU to all for coming to Denver and showing us that this movement IS growing and gaining momentum. Just last year we were invisible to the media – not so anymore!

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