Sweet as Tupelo Honey – Day 8

On a warm and sunny spring afternoon we pulled into Fair Park in Tupelo, Mississippi where a crowd of nearly a thousand of our southern brothers and sisters awaited our arrival.  Our drivers blew the bus horns and gave those awaiting us a show.  It even got us excited to see them all there!  We started cheering “Hello Tupelo!” before we stepped off the bus!

And when we did, the folks there were clapping and hootin’ and hollerin’ and just going all out to make us feel welcome.  Sweet as Tupelo honey.

Lloyd Marcus sings to Tupelo Patriots

Pictures will follow, including shots of the Blog Talk Radio host who calls herself “Joe Dirt” and netcasts on Radio Free Mississippi, who came over and invited me to join her for a chat on her talk show which she was doing live.  She’s a rigged up, with a mixing sound board, very nice mics on mic stands, an MP3 player that feeds music and sound clips right into the mixer, bypassing the BTR switchboard.  Very cool.  Joe Dirt says she’s a “gear head”, someone who gets her kicks from bells and whistles.  She’s not so much into talking on the radio, but no one else will do it, so there she is, talking politics.

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Tonight we’re traveling to Huntsville, Alabama, where we’ll overnight for a rally tomorrow at the Space and Rocket Center before moving on to Nashville TN for another rally later tomorrow evening.

So while we’re rolling, rolling, rolling, I’m writing, keeping you up to date on the Tea Party Express III – Just Vote Them Out national tour, coming soon to your town!

And getting ready to do my own radio show from the road in about ten minutes from now.  We’re doing 30 minutes every night at 9 ET with a wrap up of the day’s rallies and other interesting tidbits.  Ya’ll tune in now, hear?


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