The Mood of America & Tulsa OK – Day 7

Tom the Driver and Poll Taker Measures the Mood of America

Yesterday while we were at the Tulsa OK Tea Party rally, I was talking to Tom, one of our bus drivers (there are three, one for each bus), and he told me he’s taking his own measurement of America’s mood.  He asked me, “You want to know the results of my poll?”  Well, sure!

Tom is counting the number of motorists who pass our bus and toot their horns or give us a wave or a thumbs up.  He says that in the first week of our three-week national tour, he’s counted thousands of positive responses while we’ve been on the road.

“You want to know how many negative gestures we’ve gotten so far?” he continued.  When I nodded yes, he replied by holding up one hand.  “That’s how many”, he said.  “Five.  Five fingers.  That’s it.”

That’s the mood of America — thousands who support what the Tea Party Express and the tea party movement is doing compared with a handful who don’t.

Now, who’s poll are you gonna believe?  CBS?  MSNBC?  Or Tom, the bus driver?

I’m going with Tom.


Meet the good folks in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Tulsa Fairgrounds.

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