Huntsville, Alabama – Day 9 of the Tea Party Express III National Tour

Arriving at the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL

Easter Sunday found us in Huntsville, Alabama at the Space and Rocket Center on another beautiful sunny spring day. The South is all decked out in its spring finery, which includes red, white, and blue. This is the first of two rallies we’re doing today — next stop: Nashville Tennessee. Joining us for these two rallies today is Victoria Jackson, formerly of Saturday Night Live. Victoria is a huge hit at our rallies and we’re delighted to have her with us today.

Many of the Huntsvillians who came today work for NASA or have family members, friends and neighbors who do. Many others work for the companies that are contracted to do work for NASA on the shuttle program and newer programs like the Constellation and Aries projects that are facing deep cuts from the Obama Administration. These folks who have worked their entire careers to ensure America’s pre-eminence in space are dismayed at what the Obama regime is doing to our space program.

Earlier this year, Richard Shelby, a Republican from Alabama, whose district includes the Marshall Space Flight Center, took the administration to task for its plan.

“The President’s proposed NASA budget begins the death march for the future of U.S. human space flight. The cancellation of the Constellation program and the end of human space flight does represent change — but it is certainly not the change I believe in,” Shelby wrote in a statement. “Congress cannot and will not sit back and watch the reckless abandonment of sound principles, a proven track record, a steady path to success, and the destruction of our human space flight program.”

I’ll let the pictures tell the Huntsville story…

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Andrea and brother Phil, who makes his home in the Huntsville area

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Just moved to Alabama and found it is another world. Seems like half the State works for the town, city, state or federal government, or is getting a retirement check from that entity. Add Social Security, farm subsidies not to grow or raise livestock- and I sometimes feel that I am the only resident not getting a government check. Living in Montgomery, the sales tax is 10%, including food, the most regressive tax that exists. The state income tax brackets actually go lower the higher your income increases. Landowners still control the State-all timber land is held free from taxes (naturally, old timber families control Montgomery and the landed gentry the rest of the State. ) Seems like the good residents of Huntsville are just concerned about their own government or government dependent jobs, which is the problem in this country. Such a sense of ENTITLEMENT with the rest of us picking up the cost.
    The Southern area still has a plantation mentality, which is why virtually nothing was ever invented in The South. Check out your local pharmacy. Every medicine was invented in The North or elsewhere. Try to imagine a company like Apple getting established here. it could never happen. If these people were really serious they would start a rebellion against the state government here first. And for what it is worth, I hate Democrats. But the double standard kills me.

    1. Bless your heart…….what have you invented honey………I don,t blame you for not liking montgomery, I,m from here and I don,t either, but grow up and get a life………you sound like a back woods fool yourself from your narrow assesment of an entire state……guess the “rest of the nation” invented alot of fools like you!

  2. Comment #1 —
    You obviously have been in Alabama much too short a time to know anything about it.
    Sounds like maybe you were prejudiced about it before you even got there.
    Wake up, smell the coffee, and see the real Alabama. While you are at it get a better set of friends, because the ones you have, have shown you absolutely NOTHING about the real Alabama.
    Feel free to leave at any time.
    Like Reagan said…”vote with your feet”, and stop whinning………

      1. NO I am not,never have, never would.
        Just keep on whining because you don’t fit in.
        Or maybe move to a Blue State, you might fit in better.
        Apparently Deep Red, as in Alabama, is not a good color for you.

      2. You are living in the State Capitol, think about that for just a minute……………………Now, Why don’t you move to Washington D.C and wonder why everyone works for the Federal Government.

  3. Good Enthusiasm!

    Now please don’t waste it on the rants of Senator Shelby about how his pork won’t be so thick under the new space budgets. Shelby is defending what has been “business as usual” in NASA since 1972. He is willing to get jobs for his constituents with money that would otherwise be available to make spaceflight technology cheap enough to allow us out into the solar system on NASA’s *present* budget, once we spend the years needed to develop and flight test those technologies.

    The most painful lesson space activists like me have had to learn in the last 40 years is that Space is *not* politically important! No program to supposedly “bring space enthusiasm back”, as in the glory days of Apollo, has worked, nor will it as long as we keep spaceflight the preserve of an elite corps of civil servants. That means we need to go beyond Low Earth Orbit with about the same low percentage of national wealth spent on spaceflight as seen today. Senator Shelby isn’t interested in that. He’s interested in maintaining NASA as a jobs program for aerospace engineers who will be beholden to him for their jobs!

    Neither the Republicans as a whole, nor the TEA Party groups around the country, should fall into the trap of backing Constellation’s programs to keep NASA the single most socialist agency in the US. That would make a really nice campaign issue by 2012, for the Obama White House. Constellation, like Apollo, like Space Shuttle, like ISS, has eaten the seed corn of technology development as it goes over budget.

    If we are to actually have a space program that really explores, we must take the time to fund technology developments that are *not* like those funded 40-50 years ago, but use the paths that the race-running Apollo program never had time for. We are *not* in a race today, and must realize that until we take the time to do it better, we will always be looking at “doing it over, right”, yet again, the same old way.

  4. Regardless where you live the story is the same. Increasing crime and corruption. We all know it is time for a change. We must restore good government back to the people and it starts in our small towns and counties where we live and work. That is why I am running for Sheriff of Fayette County Alabama, a small county of 15,000 people in NW Alabama. In the past 3 years the crime rate in Fayette County has increased over 800%. Over 1,331 citizens have been arrested. That is over 7% of our population. 1 out of every 14 people have been locked up affecting every 5 households. Please help me restore fair and balanced government to the citizens of Fayette. We need your help. Every dollar counts. Please visit http://JimmyRaySwindle.Info for more info or send your tax free contribution to: Jimmy Ray Swindle, Campaign to Elect Jimmy Ray Swiindle (R) Campaign, 90 County Road 67, Bankston, Ala 35542. Thank You Very Much For Your Help and Support!

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