Nashville – Day 9 on the Tea Party Express National Tour

“Nashville cats, play clean as country water… Nashville cats, play wild as mountain dew…Nashville cats, been playin’ since they’s babies…Nashville cats, get work before they’re two.” — Lovin’ Spoonful

Corny?  Maybe, but I found myself humming it as we rolled into Nashville, Tennessee’s Centennial Park late Easter Sunday afternoon for our second and final rally of the day.

We had a full line up — the Rivoli Revue’s Kay and Ron rejoined us after a three-day gig elsewhere.  Saturday Night Live comedienne Victoria Jackson and her friend Jim Labriola, stand up comedian who played Benny Baroni on the Home Improvement TV series, were added as special guests, as was JB Williams, political writer for Canada Free Press.

I later grabbed JB for a fascinating interview on our radio show.  While the Rally went on outside under the setting sun, we sought the quieter confines of the Reagan Blue Bus where we spoke for a solid 20 minutes or more about the upcoming election, Obama’s indiscriminate use of executive orders, Obama’s constitutional eligibility, impeachment, and the illegal legislative process Obama is willing to use to push thru the health care bill, amnesty, cap & trade, and just about anything else he wants.

Here are a few photos of the well-attended Nashville event.

Tom Kovach, author and political activist came by to say hi! as did Ken Marrero, the Blue Collar Muse blogger (below in — what else?  a blue collared shirt). Posing with us from left to right are Susan Lynn, candidate for Congress, Andrea, Ken, and his wife (whose name I have — regrettably — forgotten. Will update with her name in due time).

On Monday, Day 10, three rallies!  We’ll be up and at it bright and early with a 9 a.m. central time rally in Evansville, Indiana.  Later in the day we’ll roll in to St. Louis, Missouri for a 2 p.m. CT rally at Frontier Park, and cap off the day with a third and final rally at 6 pm at the Springfield Fair Grounds in Springfield, Illinois.

A big thank you to Terresa at Noisy Room, Bookie at Bookwormroom and Right Wing News, John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit, and Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit for helping us get out the very important message about what the Tea Party Express is accomplishing on the road!  If you’re blogging about the Tea Party Express III “Just Vote Them Out!” national tour, send me an email and we’ll include your link here.

Remember, each Tea Party rally can be viewed via your computer, so tell friends, family, neighbors or strangers in the street about TEA PARTY EXPRESS TV–brought to you by tour embeds, Wm and Selena Owens. Btw, they also produce that …

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Well, there’s thirteen hundred and fifty two
Blogging writers in Nashville
And they can blog more notes than the number of ants
On a Tennessee anthill
Yeah, there’s thirteen hundred and fifty two
blogging cases in Nashville
And any one that unpacks his laptop could write
Twice as better than I will…Nashville cats…

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Great Photos – Thanks to Andrea, who by the way looks wonderful and Colorfully Patriot I might add. NY Marie

  2. Hi Andrea! Thanks for posting these great pictures! FYI – Rep. Susan Lynn is actually a candidate for State Senate.

  3. To Tom Kavach,

    We have tried the 3rd party in the past and it got us Bill Clinton who never obtained a majority of the votes 1st 43% and the 2nd time 49%. What we need to do is nominate our candidates in the the Republican party. The RNC will comply or get out of the way with these local elections, i.e. Hoffman NY23. I also re-registered from Independent to Repulblican so I can vote in the primaries on the Repbulican tickets. We Surround Them also includes the RINO’s.

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