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Passing this message on to you this morning.  Why?  Because it it so very important!  And radio show producer Dave Logan says it better than anyone can…


*ANDREA SHEA KING–The Radio Patriot–files this report from DAY 9’s Huntsville, Alabama TPX III rally. Huntsville is not only a huge military town, but a NASA town as well. And the Huntsville rally included a personal aspect for Andrea as well. Wonderful photos and commentary.

*Day 9’s second rally was Nashville, Tennesee, and what a rally it was. Andrea has a full round up with another great batch of photos.

*Below, as The Blue Bus travels from Huntsville to the Nashville rally, Andrea captures this scene from the front seat of the bus as it cruises down the highway. As you can see, they’re staying abreast of what’s being reported on the internet–INSTAPUNDIT.COM!

DAY 10 will have the Tea Party Express stopping in three states in one day. Evansville, Indiana–10 am rally; St. Louis, Missouri–2 pm rally; Springfield, Illinois–6 pm rally. All times are CDT.

It will be a grueling day for the crew, so do your best to support them by attending a rally. If you can’t be there, attend a rally via your computer at Tea Party Express TV. Call or email your family and friends and tell them about the upcoming rallies too.

Remember, the enemy never sleeps, and we can’t afford to take a day off either. CONTRIBUTIONS to TPX III can be made and are most appreciated.

SUPPORT ON THE INTERNET is growing, and as a new week begins we expect it to get even bigger, better and more influential. Taking control of the narrative is our goal. This week we will do just that, especially as we make our way to the north central states and beyond. Stupak country!

MANY THANKS to some of the bloggers entering the battlefield with us, pushing out the message TPX III is presenting to all freedom-loving Americans across this country:

Bookworm Room lays it out on a personal level; Terresa Monroe Hamilton at Noisyroom is pouring it on; John Ruberry at Marathon Pundit has his foot on the gas pedal, and he has a must see Lloyd Marcus Show video–“I was blessed with a dad”–tissue alert! Also, Marathon Pundit will be attending the Rockford, Illinois rally on Day 11.

INSTAPUNDIT’S coverage is making it possible for all of us to truly become AN ARMY OF DAVIDS. Turning spectators into participants–we ARE making history here!

DON’T FORGET–Tea Party Express III, Tea Party Express TV, and check the tour schedule for upcoming rally locations and dates.

**TONIGHT: The Andrea Shea King Show “live” from the Tea Party Express III in Illinois–9 pm et.

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