Day 10 – Evansville IN; St. Charles, MO; Springfield, IL

Evansville, Indiana

I’m writing this at the end of a long day after meeting several thousand Americans who are very concerned about the direction our country is being taken by the regime in the White House.


We started our day in Evansville, the third largest city in Indiana, with a scheduled 9 a.m. rally at an industrial area across the street from a block long Frigidaire factory.

We estimate the crowd there to have been about 500 strong, waiting for our arrival.  The delicious aroma of barbecue emanating from a nearby cooker filled the air.  Political signs and flags were visible everywhere. The good people of Evansville let us know how much they appreciated us being there.  So did we.  Thank you Evansville!  Onward to victory in November.



After a lengthy ride on the Reagan Bus, next we pulled into beautiful St. Charles, Missouri, an old colonial city with a rich heritage that goes back to 1803 and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The good folks there came out to Frontier Park, despite a rainstorm that left the ground soggy and the air muggy.  But the sun shined brightly and the trees along the Missouri river banks were dressed in spring blooms, which made a beautiful backdrop for the flags and signs held by the folks who were there.

St. Charles, Missouri

These little girls had a big time playing in the mud.

The local TV media covered the event.

Mr. President, this is a big f-ing deal!

These children are adoptees from the Ukraine.  Their adoptive parents have a total of five daughters and three children, adopted from orphanages there.  Today Mom brought them to the Tea Party Rally, she said, because she wants them to learn about America’s political process.  The tall fellow holding the plastic bin is Bryan Barton, one of the TPX teammates.



We capped off the day with a rally in Springfield at the Illinois Fairgrounds. A huge crowd already was there.  What a fun evening!  A beautiful breeze blew ripples in the flags, as our Tea Party Express III team entertained and spoke to the crowd.

Look at that crowd!

All I want for Christmas is my Country back, my country back, my country back…
“Santa” poses with singer/entertainer Diana Nagy and Kay Rivoli


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