Taking the Tea Party Online – Viewer Demand Grows

The Tea Party Express TV online stream went down Thursday night during our Ironwood, Michigan rally when it was slammed by viewer demand.  Producer William Owens said viewership of our livestreamed rallies has grown exponentially since its debut on the second day of the tour in Arizona.

“Once an email went out announcing our first visit to Michigan to be broadcast live,” William said, “within minutes our bandwidth was exceeded, which has been set to a very high bandwidth.  Nonetheless it was immediately consumed.”

Owens worked the problem with his server host and had the site back up within approximately 17 minutes.  Throughout the netcast, viewership continued to increase.  “We are excited about the demand and are making plans to ensure that we will not experience this interruption again,” William said.

“Our viewership numbers are now into the six digits, with demand increasing every day.”

Future plans for the Tea Party Express online TV?

“It is to be an ongoing site even when we’re not touring, that will provide relevant video clips from different parts of the country.  And  keeping people abreast of Tea Party movement news.  It’s a robust site. We’ll have archives of past events, so you’ll only be a click away from a tea party.”

To view the livestream or archive videos of the Tea Party Express tour log on to Tea Party Express.TV and register to receive email notices of livestream feeds.

By Radiopatriot

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