Tea Party Express poses with Palin in Boston

Tea Party Express poses for an impromptu pic with Sarah Palin, Boston Tea Party, Boston Common April 14, 2010 (Photo credit: Daryl Peveto, Luceo Images)

From Left to Right -Back Row – Ryan Gill; Chalice Jackson; Jim Martin (behind Chalice) holding up bumper sticker; Ron Rivoli; Victoria Jackson; Kay Rivoli; Diana Nagy; Kevin Lacz, (Navy SEAL who was with Navy SEAL Marc Alan Lee when he died); Amy Kremer; (behind Amy is Debbie Lee, Gold Star Mom); Sarah Palin; (behind her is Navy SEAL Ben Smith); Holly Williams; Mark Williams (holding world reknowned TPX III’s chief canine strategist Casey); Chris Hartsock (behind Mark Williams); Darla Dawald; Ray March (bus driver); Bryan Shroyer; Levi Russell; William Owens; Colin Hanna (partially obscured); Selena Owens. Front row, left to right – Dustin Stockton; David “Politik” Saucedo; David Jaget (behind Politick); James Lyle; Tiffiny Reugner. Unidentified arm.  (Back and to the right – Lloyd Marcus under black hat).

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