The Boyz at Hillbuzz to Lindsey Graham, Come out, come out, wherever you are!

South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham

The self-admitted gay boys at Hillbuzz, have taken up the issue of Lindsay Graham’s suspected closet contents:

Question: Are Democrats blackmailing Lindsay Graham into supporting the destruction of our economy through Cap & Tax?

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If these guys would just expose themselves publicly — in the sense that wouldn’t get them arrested, like Craig — and came clean (no entendre intended), the DNC wouldn’t know what to do with itself (though, we bet, Rahm Emanuel and Obama could teach them a few tricks).

But, scarier than all of this is the thought the White House, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the DNC dangle a pink sword of Damocles over the heads of enough Republicans to blackmail them into voting against the country’s best interests because they don’t want their nocturnal adventures exposed.

The Eric Massa Affair proved something that’s only been speculated about for some time: that Democrats blackmail closeted gay men in Congress to do what the Left wants them to do.

When they, like Massa, step out of line and fail to follow their marching orders, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Tim Kaine, and the current White House out them, publicly humiliate them, and destroy their lives and sham families.

Massa was a Democrat, so the only chance of him ever being outed was crossing Pelosi on something, and he did that in the leadup to the Obamacare ram-down.

Closeted gay Republicans in Washington are in a stranger bind, because while Democrats will only turn on their own in rare instances like Massa’s, closet cases in the GOP need to constantly toe the line and appease their blackmailers, lest they become the new Larry Craig, Mark Foley, or Trent Lott — all victims of the Democrat-MSM politically-driven outing machine.

Whenever a Republican votes bizarrely, for something as insane and economy-killing as Cap & Tax, chances are he’s been blackmailed into doing it.  Look to Illinois’ congressional delegation for men who’ve been victim of this.

It’s why we continually hope Aaron Schock comes out in the next few years — hopefully at the next National Coming Out Day.  He’s a nice guy, and he’d make a great Senator.  He’d probably be excellent at the national level once he’s had more experience.  But, unless he comes out, he’s just going to become someone like Lidsay Graham — and will spend decades in Washington being blackmailed by the Left into supporting madness, because he doesn’t want his homosexuality exposed.

Just come out already, and take the power away from Democrats.

If Republicans would just stand up and be who they are, the Left would lose so much power. Stop lying.  Stop hiding. Stop being blackmailed.

We have never seen one benefit of this Cap & Tax monstrosity.  It’s a job killer.  It will have absolutely no impact on the environment, as China and India refuse to enact such economy-dampening measures in their countries.  The net result of this madness will be shuttered factories, which will be moved overseas, where doing business is now cheaper because of Cap & Tax. Higher costs will mean more expensive food and consumer goods, at a time when food is already the most expensive in 26 years and the government is set to increase taxes on both businesses and consumers drastically.

No good will come of this.

So, why is Graham pushing it?

What do Democrats have on him?

If Republicans were smart, they’d take the hit and out Graham themselves.  If they were brilliant, they’d take the opportunity to out all gay Republicans at once.  Bring them all out of the closet, like ripping a Band-Aid off quickly, in one swoop, instead of allowing Democrats the leisure of torturously peeling off one of these closet cases at a time, whenever it best serves their political agenda.

Yes, it’s scary when you first come out.  People treat you differently.  Family and friends won’t speak to you in many cases.  Your whole life shifts poles.

Let’s hear it for the Boys!

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