Anti-Defamation League calls for national law enforcement op to quiet our voices


A friend sent this link to me last night.  I will confess to being alarmed at the twisted logic of the ADL, and how they’re using the Fed’s actions and the resulting reactions of some Americans to call for a government clamp down.

Another friend interprets it differently, observing that “this is all good, because the Left sees how powerful we are and is stepping up its tactics to discredit us. They’re worried because they’re losing. We’re not Europe.  We won’t go quietly into the night, and now they know it.”

I am interested in learning what you think…

ADL Calls For “Major Law Enforcement Operation”

To Deal With Obamacare Critics



Dan Friedman of NYC wrote:

The ADL is another left-liberal organization – Foxman’s vanity production and an arm of the Democratic party. Blind in the left eye, it ignores threats to Jews and others that come from that direction while it fabricates and exaggerates “threats” on the right. It’s called demagoguery.

The good news is their influence, even in the Jewish community, has waned and they usually talk to themselves. As a Jew and a conservative, I’d advise the Tea Party movement not to waste time or energy chasing that red herring. Go about your business and win back the Congress. Everything else will take care of itself.


Jan from NJ wrote:

It seems to me that this issue may be bigger than it appears.  There are some things to note about where some of the comments are coming from.  I see many of the quoted comments come from Infowars and Prison Planet, both Alex Jones sites.

Alex Jones is a controversial figure and for good reason.  Cliff Kincaid from has a YouTube video out on Alex Jones with footage of Jones disrupting a TEA party rally:

And a radio interview with Lynn Woolley where Jones is discussed more fully:

Jones is also heavily influenced by Webster Tarpley from the Lyndon LaRouche group.  LaRouche has the position that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism and that all the blame for terrorism in the world lies at the feet of America, Great Britain, and Israel.  He, Alex Jones, and known Communist Van Jones all hold the position that 911 was an inside job.  Alex Jones has also appeared quite a few times on the Russian television show Russia Today, where he disparages our nation much like Obama does, with apology after apology.  These are connections which are, to say the least, inappropriate.


As to how this works in to a possible October surprise, I’m not sure.  It could be that this response shows they are afraid of us.  Or it could be that these comments proposing violence play right into their hands.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. I say we must be making a heavy impact for them to complain so vociferously against us! We ARE making a difference. We WON’T go quietly into the night. We WILL be heard. As long as we keep it non-violent and just voice our opinions and leave it at that, there is nothing they can do to us legally. More and more people are speaking out — calmly and quietly, but SPEAKING. I say ignore the rhetoric and keep speaking our minds. They will be voted out in November and we will get a chance to put our country back together and be all the wiser in the future about not letting this ever happen again!

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