Shea King & Taylor’s series on Jodie Evans & Code Pink featured in Sean Hannity book

Kristinn Taylor just called with some terrific news!  The series he and I have done at Big about Obama pal and Code Pink founder Jodie Evans has been included in Sean Hannity’s newest book, “A Conservative Victory – Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda”.  Kristinn and I began the series last year.  To date it includes 17 segments.

Here’s where you’ll find us:

Pages 61 and 62
Part 1, Chapter 2
“Obama’s New Radical Friends”

“Another dubious Obama associate is Jodie Evans, who was a cofounder of the anti-war organization Code Pink – a group best known for its disruptive protests of Congressional sessions. During the campaign she was a fund-raising bundler for Obama and helped raise at least fifty thousand dollars for his campaign.  According to Politico, she is an activist liberal who has worked in liberal causes for decades.  GOP sources reported that Evans has a record of inflammatory statements — contending that Iraqi women were better off under Saddam Hussein; that “men are dying in their Hummers in Iraq so you can drive around in yours”; and that Bush’s attack on Iraq was a matter of “global testosterone poisoning.”

Evans reportedly met with the Taliban in Afghanistan on a recent trip there. She was captured on videotape a few weeks later, handing a package to Obama in a receiving line at a fund-raiser in San Francisco; it contained a petition supporting the women of Afghanistan against a troop surge there.  In one interview Evans praised the Taliban for bringing peace and justice to Afghanistan, and said that America had failed to deliver either.  In another interview Evans said the United States had created a “hell on earth” in Afghanistan.  Interestingly, later reported that White House logs showed that Evans met with Buffy Wicks, the deputy director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, on June 19, 2009, just days after Code Pink visited Hamas in Gaza and accepted a letter to deliver to Obama.”

Hannity also footnotes three of our Big Government articles:  Jane FondaObama Founder Jodie Evans on her new ‘Tali pals’Obama funder Jodie Evans in White House visitor logs.

Thank you, Sean!

I had the pleasure of meeting Sean Hannity at a WDBO-sponsored dinner just prior to the Presidential Debate held in Orlando, October 2007.

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