I can’t breathe!

I’m in a marathon race, or at least it feels like it.  So much coming at us, it’s causing hyperventilation.  It’s what they want to do — overwhelm us.  Overwhelm the system.

Glenn Beck today — Clearing my schedule to watch his TV show on the Fox (“Faux”) “News” Channel… in 3…2…1

He starts the show talking about the Progressives, asking:

“What’s important to them?”

1. Big Government & Power & Control

2. “Democratic” Elections” – not Republic elections.  Code language

3. Social Justice.  Has noting to do with America or Jesus.  It’s really Marxism when coupled with one and two.  It’s all about redistribution of wealth.

(Okay, deep breath… To learn more, join me tonight on The Andrea Shea King Show at 9 pm EDT.  Here’s the link.  See you then.  Remember to breathe…. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/askshow/2010/04/29/the-andrea-shea-king-show)

Puerto Rico — we have one shot to get this right.  Right now, you haven’t heard this story anywhere — it’s not about Hispanics, or freedom.  It’s about number 1.  Big Government, Power, and Control.

Puerto Rico is a self-governing commonwealth subject to US jurisdiction, and they get some protections from USA.  People in Puerto Rico have consistently voted against becoming the 51st state.  The latest vote was in 1998 – and they were asked the same question they’ve been asked three times:  “Do you want to become a state?”  They said No. Three times.

Tomorrow in Washington DC an important vote will be taken.  The Puerto Rico Democracy Act. They say it’s a non-binding resolution, supposedly to support Puerto Rico’s self-determination of whether or not they want to be a state.


Why do we need this?  Is there something going on in Puerto Rico I’m not aware of?

Why are we taking attention away from the economy?

My staff today made some phone calls to Republicans who are supporting this bill.

“It’s  a vote about freedom”, one of them said.


It’s almost like something else might be going on.  They keep saying this is non-binding.  If I just trusted progressives…

There’s always a catch — “Democratic” elections – a trick.  Fraud.  Hitler was elected in a “democratic” election.

They always leave the appearance.  For instance, they didn’t just jam health care down your throat — they “debated” it — the “democratic” process.

HR 2499 — if this passes it will force a YES or NO vote in Puerto Rico — what they’re going to ask is “Do you want to maintain the current status?”

Why isn’t this the same question as before?  Why is this question worded differently this time?

Because it’s a trick — this question puts us into agreement –do you want to maintain the status quo?  It’s a trick.

Who’s doing this?

In the past in Puerto Rico statehood failed because of some people — enough — who do want to maintain the status quo.  So…  somebody’s chair has to be removed here, they need to unite people.

The status quo is more likely to vote for statehood than independence.

1st stage — ask the question

2nd stage — the vote — 3 choices:  statehood, full independence, modified

Here’s the part that if you don’t know history you’re destined to repeat it — the Tennessee Plan.

When Tennessee first came to the union, they were called the territory of the US south of the Ohio.  Instead of waiting for Congress to decide if they were going o be a state, they elected delegates, voted on statehood drafted a state constitution and went to the capitol and demanded to be seated.  Congress didn’t know what to do so they said OK, and that’s how we got the 16th state.  Alaska did the same thing, sort of.

the key – they demanded and they were seated.  Any congressman who votes for this they’re sheep being led to slaughter. they’ll say people of PR have right to vote for themselves, and they do.  But see, not so much because prof=gressives are ng to present a false choice to the people.

Immigration debate — TX is now talking about doing what  Arizona doing.  They need someone to call racist –o who stands in opposition to PR becoming a state will be called a race monger.  “Why do you hate Puerto Ricans?  Why do you hate freedom?”

AIt’s about power and control,.  Progressives and Republicans know that if they can convince Hispanics that everybody’s a racist and out to get you, our party is here to help — they will have their vote.

So d’s and r’s – why are both parties for this?

Lindsey Graham and Pelosi are progressives — on the right and left scales.  But that’s not what our founders gave us.  what’s happening is fundamental transformation of American and its only te beginning.  What the media is apparently missing while they’re running a progressive campaign is who’s running this?

Logo for new progressive party: Seguiridad which adopts the Tennessee Plan for decolonization and claim for admission of Puerto Rico as 51st state of USA and done to establish a process for adoption and ratification before congress … it is in their party platform.

Here’s opposing advertisement happening now in Puerto Rico — the Puerto Rico statehood bill — VOTE NO.

Puerto Rico has already voted, already spoken, and can do it any time they want to .

A transformative bill passing tomorrow in Congress.

The party platform for the progressives in Puerto Rico founded to achieve 2 fundamental goals:  statehood,, and social justice.

Right now Puerto Rico receives many benefits of US citizenship w/o paying taxes.

It is a 4-step process to assure they’re the controlling party into this century

12m illegals = 12m votes

DC = 1 extra House vote

Convicted felons (4m) = 4m votes

4m Puerto Ricans= 4m votes 2 senators, 6 house

It’s a numbers game to dilute the vote — they want the control and power and will use the “democratic” elections and social justice, redistribution of wealth.

Call your congressman and senator — we’re playing a dangerous game here, and there’s only one thing that will help us…

—Break —

Glenn introduces David Barton of Wallbuilders

The progressive dream is about to become a reality, but how did we get here?

Progressives tried this about 100 years ago but they failed.  They knew they had to change/destroy three things:

We are a religious and moral people – get God out of our schools, our services, our Sundays, undermine our morals (Clinton). How many even go to church anymore.

2nd thing — take apart our understanding of the Constitution – separate us from it. Our elected officials don’t even consider it, it’s irrelevant.  Case law

last thing they had to do — discredit our founding fathers and destroy our attachment to them. Discredit the entire foundation of the country.

So we are going to do our best to restore these things — this Friday, Founder Friday, beginning with Samuel Adams.

Including David Barton…

These 3 things have to be restored,  you’re right.

The Black Robe Brigade.  If you have your pastor or priest, tell them about this.

The Black Regiment were the preachers who all wore black robes and the British specifically blamed them for the American revolution. They started decimating burning churches across New York and the colonies.  because this is a quintessential American concept — individual rights are given to us by God.

Inalienable rights. they came to america from a collectivist Europe.  Here they said you have a right to practice your religion as a group and as an individual.

To learn more about our history and the Black Robe Regiment, click here.  Time to exhale and fix a pot of Chai Tea. Whew!