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Police have arrested an agent of “The Religion of Peace” in connection with the attempted car bombing of NYC’s Times Square this weekend.

Muslim Shahzad Faisal, originally from Pakistan, appears to be the man who bought the car off Craigslist, then loaded it with an IED and hoped to kill hundreds of Americans in crowded Times Square, in front of the Viacom building, to prove how peaceful Islam is.

Let’s recap the Obama Administration and it’s “Muslims are just misunderstood Care Bears” philosophy towards terrorism and “The Religion of Peace”:

* Religion of Peace adherent is promoted by PC-police in US military, then seizes opportunity to murder fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood, in the name of Allah.

* Religion of Peace agent tries to bring down Delta Copenhagen-Detroit flight on Christmas Day, with exploding underpants.

* Religion of Peace operatives known as “The Flying Imams” disrupt Atlanta-Houston flight before takeoff, but are removed by authorities and Obama Administration does its best to cover it up.

* Religion of Peace minion, and Quatari diplomat, jokes about bringing down the plane while lighting his shoe in the bathroom of a flight out of Reagan National.

“Hope” and “Luck” are not strategies.

For whatever reason, the stars aligned and the Fates conspired — and God and the angels all did their part — to keep America relatively safe from The Religion of Peace since Obama took office, with only one deadly attack and several near-misses.

But, our luck can’t hold out forever.

When we have a president who thinks Muslims are misunderstood Care Bears and our Homeland Security Secretary believes “the system works just fine”, all of us need to be very concerned about the day our collective luck finally runs out.