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Sarah Palin alienates her Facebook nation by endorsing Carly Fiorina over the “real” conservative Chuck DeVore
Blowback, baby, Blowback

A prominent southern California rabbi explains Carly Fiorina’s disturbing pro-Islamic, anti-Israel positions
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Melanie Morgan weighs in with comment about the endorsement.  Melanie’s organization Warriors for Congress has endorsed DeVore.  Both appeared on my radio show last Monday night.

Wait One Minute Here!
Written by Melanie Morgan
Thursday, 06 May 2010 12:54
The DeVore campaign reacted this morning to the stunning and highly disappointing endorsement by Sarah Palin to former HP executive Carly Fiorina for US Senate.

“…there are a lot of questions about Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Carly Fiorina this morning — and enough to merit a mass e-mail to you. Let me begin with two flashbacks. The first, from the ’08 campaign:


Second, from October of last year:


These two anecdotes are useful reminders in assessing the actual state of relations between Carly Fiorina and Sarah Palin. It would be fascinating to see them in casual conversation now.

Here’s how the Fiorina campaign spins this endorsement: from their own press release, a “sign of the groundswell of conservative support building behind her campaign.” But — it’s not. It’s actually a sign of two very specific things:

1)    First, the doubling-down of the McCain ’08 team, including the Senator himself, on Fiorina’s candidacy.
2)    Second, the Fiorina campaign’s (accurate) assessment that Chuck DeVore poses an unexpectedly potent threat to her in this final month of the primary.

That’s what the Palin endorsement is all about — and that’s why the conservative base, as Peter Hamby at CNN rightly notes, is in revolt over it.

There’s no doubt that the Fiorina campaign, led by consultants almost wholly ignorant of — and in some cases hostile to — the modern conservative movement, actually does believe that Sarah Palin de facto “delivers” conservatives to her camp. This is a huge misreading of that movement that starkly illustrates just how divorced Carly Fiorina is from the men and women who animate it. Despite running as a self-proclaimed conservative, her approach to conservatism is that of an old-style anthropologist in a strange land: she joins the alien culture, and seeks to identify with it by appropriating its totems.

Well. That’s not how it works. This grassroots movement is actually a grassroots movement. Carly Fiorina thinks she can find the sheepdog to corral the sheep. Chuck DeVore knows they’re not sheep at all. They’re Americans. And they’ll make their own decisions.”

More on the fall-out from New York Magazine here.


Dan Riehl’s not any happier about this than I am, but maybe this comment left at his place helps explain the realities of politics and the bigger picture. What do you think?

Fiorina, like it or not, will win that primary. She will probably have the best chance against Boxer. Campbell won’t. Neither will Chuck DeVore. This is, in all likelihood, personal payback for Carly’s support of Sarah during the McCain campaign.

Movement conservatives do not understand loyalty in politics. This endorsement probably did not come out of nowhere, and has probably been in the works for some time. Fiorina and Palin have probably been communicating with each other for the past two years.

DeVore’s a good guy, but California is still a blue state. Turning it red won’t happen until the state undergoes a financial collapse and the D’s are visibly blamed for it.Support for him is akin to the old McClintock for Governor crowd thinking that they could beat Davis for Governor if they only had the support of the squishy, treacherous Moderates.

And no, her Base won’t abandon her over this. They understand that the object of the exercise is to elect as many Republicans as possible in order to stop Obama in his tracks. They can’t all be Tom McClintocks.

If you want to run a national presidential campaign, you have to show the party regulars that you’re not about burning down the house.

Posted by: section9 | Thursday, May 06, 2010 at 04:30 PM

Wow. Having just interviewed Chuck DeVore and finding him to be a solid candidate, I am surprised to read that Sarah Palin has endorsed Carly Fiorina in the race to unseat California Sen. Barbara Boxer. Palin lays out her reasons why, but Fiorina wouldn’t have been my pick, even BEFORE Monday night’s interview with DeVore.  I think Sarah’s going to catch some flak on this one.  First McCain.  Now this?  Hmmm….