Al Sharpton: Racist Opportunist. Phoenix Suns: Ignoramuses

From Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:

Prominent Race-Hustler Activist Joins Phoenix Los Soles Suns

The Phoenix Los Soles Suns gained the support of a major race-hustler activist on Wednesday.

Number 13 Al Sharpton was in town to support the Los Soles Suns team and their misguided political statement.

Reverend Al Sharpton (2nd L) leads demonstrators as they march to Arizona’s State Capitol to protest against the state’s controversial immigration law in Phoenix May 5, 2010. Arizona’s tough new immigration law has renewed calls for Washington to reform federal immigration laws, and protesters have decried the state’s action as a violation of U.S. civil rights after Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer signed Senate Bill 1070 at the state’s capitol last month. (Reuters)

70% of Arizona voters support the new immigration law.

More… Olds-Mo-William added this:

Let’s all go see the, er, the Los Suns.
We DON’T need no STINKIN’ tickets!

Only a racist would deny you a ticket, Mo.

And, jomajava added this:

Los Suns should go all the way and have “Amnesty Night” – no tickets required. Everything is free – drinks, food, parking, souvineers – no charges for anything.

And everyone will be allowed to cross the court at any time during the game.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. amnesty night? But… we’re all HUMAN BEINGS.. and we all love basketball…. so, the whole idea of having to have tickets on ANY night is, well, racist and cruel. The ticket window guy might as well be dressed like Los Nazis and say “PAPERS PLEASE!”

    No, the only right thing for Los Suns to do is to just open the doors of the stadium to anyone at anytime. Capacity? who cares. Safety? Just a cheap excuse to keep out the less fortunate.

    COme on, Los Suns.. if you REALLY BELIEVE what you’re saying, you should never ever again check a ticket. Just let ’em in, the more the merrier, the world loves basketball and we’re all human beings, right?

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