Did you see Beck deck O’Bloviator?

It was a thing of beauty.  Honeymoon’s over.  The Beckster no longer needs to go on the King of Factor Porn’s show to grab an audience for his 5 o’clocker.  He’s eating Billy-bob’s ratings lunch, and heading straight for the dessert table.  And the pinhead knows it. What a dolt. No wait.  Scratch that.  O’Reilly’s an arrogant ignoramus.  There, that’s better.  So, for your viewing pleasure, we are including this little clip of Glenn cleaning the cluck’s clock.   Call it a bonus.  You’re welcome.

Glenn Beck TV Show, Founders’ Friday, May 14 – George Whitefield

By Radiopatriot

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  1. This was a good debate. In defense of O’Reilly, I think he uses a “good cop – bad cop” scenario a lot in order to get both a “fair and balanced” debate and a spirited one as well. I don’t always believe he believes everything he is saying. He is simply using a well proven technique to prove a point. He does the same with Megan Kelly interviews.

    1. I couldn’t disagree more. O’Reilly wants and needs to make sure EVERYONE knows he’s “the man” with all the answers, when in actuality, he’s more like Archie Bunker in intelligence. He’s basically insecure about it. The broadcasting industry is loaded with his type. He’s a bully as a defense mechanism. He pretends it’s a “good cop-bad cop” act, putting out that he’s just being “fair and balanced” because he doesn’t really have the stones to put it to them. My gawd, what if they won’t like him anymore? What’s so fair and balanced about giving race mongers like Al Sharpton a platform? Or any of the Islamists who defend CAIR and those who plot to destroy America? God forbid anyone — Bernie Goldberg, Brit Hume, John Bolton, Ralph Peters, Glenn Beck, or any of the others who have a lifetime of experience or have made a life’s study of their field of expertise “top” him – exhibit that they actually know more than O’Reilly, especially on his own TV show. He curtly shuts them down: and quickly switches the subject. He has an unrealistically and unjustified high opinion of himself. And people like O’Reilly don’t listen. They can’t, because that might mean they have to challenge their own biases, something they cling to like barnacles on a hull. So they refuse let anyone else challenge them either. It’s a fragile ego thing. I’m not even sure a 2 by 4 to the head would get their attention away from their own reflection in the mirror. O’Reilly’s an arrogant, pompous popinjay pinhead fool, and the world is filled with them. He’s Ted Baxter on steroids.

  2. Between Beck’s taking on “Ted Baxter on steroids” (I love that) and his taking on Radical Islam today (How did the Fox Saudi sensors let this squeek by?) could obama’s ineligibility be far behind?

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