The “Other” McCain, Mary, and Me

Meet the ubiquitous Mary Pearson.  She’s the gal who spent 21 days on the Tea Party Express with camera in hand, snapping more than 23,000 photos of our national tour.  Wherever you looked, whenever you turned, there was Mary, clicking away!  Mary’s still sorting through them, cataloging them, and emailing them to those of us who were smiling into her lens. Or caught unaware that the shutter was clicking.

Here’s what Mary sent me today. Thanks Mary!  Looking forward to seeing more!  You can find Mary and more of her phenomenal photographs on Facebook.

Tax Day Tea Party, Freedom Park, Washington, DC, April 15, 2010. L to R: Barbara Espinosa, Andrea Shea King, R.S. Stacy McCain

To see more photos of our Farewell Dinner, click here.

Andrea shares her observations of each Tea Party Express team member. Farewell Dinner, Landini Brothers Restaurant, Alexandria, VA

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