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For years, off and on, I have worked out at Charlie Mora’s gym — Excel Sports International — in Cocoa Beach, FL.  It’s a small neighborhood gym with a friendly atmosphere. Charlie gives personal, individual attention to all of his clients, beginning with the first session — a classroom instruction on nutrition and how the body utilizes what you feed it.

Charlie recently produced a DVD for his clients and anyone who wants to learn more about how to add quality years to their life.  His clients know that Charlie can fix what your physician can’t.  In fact, many clients come to Charlie when they’ve exhausted every effort to relieve chronic ailments like back pain, stiff joints, sprains or injuries. After they’ve been with him three months, the aches and pains are gone, the painkillers have been discarded, and they realize that muscle tone and cardio activity are truly the fountain of youth.

Meet Charlie Mora, among the best fitness trainers out there. (Oh, by the way, see if you recognize who did the narration on this video…)

By Radiopatriot

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