The NAZI connection to Islamic Terrorism

Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin Al-Husseini.

“The Obama administration’s aggressive push for a two-state solution to the Israel-Arab conflict directly threatens Israel, jeopardizes the region’s tenuous peace and eerily recalls historical events that led to one of the bloodiest conflicts contemporary times have ever witnessed.” – Church Morse

Tonight we’ll talk with Chuck Morse, a veteran radio talk show host who currently co-hosts the nationally syndicated radio program “The Fairness Doctrine” with Patrick O’Heffernan.  Morse is the author o several books, and his writing has appeared in the Boston Globe, the Washington Times,, Newsmax, and Frontpage Magazine.

Morse ran against and lost to Congressman Barney Frank in 2004 and 2006.

Morse said President Obama appears to be encouraging Israel’s sworn enemies with his critical remarks and standoffish actions toward Israel, and contends that he’s the most recent in a long line of well-meaning liberal western leaders who mistakenly believe appeasing aggressors leads to peace.

Tonight at 9pm ET


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  1. things I remember reading–

    The Mufti levied troops for Hitler, who was initially opposed to it (racist, don’t ya know) but in the end he needed the bodies and so the Hansar Division was formed. Islam for Hitler. The Mufti had an apartment in Berlin, gave speeches weekly on Nazi radio, and is suspected of having designed one of the extermination camps, Auschwitz I think. They discovered the plans to the camp hidden in the wall of an apartment in Berlin during renovation, and it is known that the Mufti lived on that city block… and, as I recall, the German government REFUSES to say who lived in that apartment. They don’t say they don’t KNOW. They say they won’t TELL.

    The muslim world was in LOVE with Hitler. Adolf was for a time the most popular name of infant boys in the Islamic world, more than Mohammed. They were IMMENSELY disappointed when the war ended, and horrified two years later when Ben Gurion declared statehood. In their languages, the formation of Israel is called “the catastrophe”…

    I’ll wager there is more on this stuff in Chuck’s book. It’s just off the top of my head.

    1. Dave, you’ve got a good memory. From an interview Morse did:

      “In November, 1941, al-Husseini met with Hitler in Berlin where he was treated as a visiting head of state. al-Husseini spent the war years in Nazi Germany where he was recognized as the head of state of a Nazi-Arab government in exile. Hitler promised al-Husseini that he would be chief administrator of the Arab world after the Nazi “liberation.”

      While in Nazi Germany, al-Husseini directly participated in the Holocaust against the Jews by preventing the exchange of Jews for German POW’s and instead insuring that they went to the crematoria. Al-Husseini led in the effort to train Bosnian Muslim brigades and other Muslim European brigades who were involved in many atrocities. He funneled monies form the sonderfund, money looted from Jews as they were sent to the concentration camps, sending the funds to the Middle East to be used to promote Nazi and anti-Jewish propaganda.”

      1. yep. It could actually be argued that Hitler was leaning slightly toward pragmatism with the Jews, wanted to see just how much he could extort from them and from the people who wanted to try to help save them.. Hitler was not blind to the amount of wealth that had begun to be offered from various directions once the world realized what he was doing…

        but it was the Mufti who convinced him that exterminating the Jews was the more valuable course of action. Not that it was a hard job to sway him that way, but the weightier influence in the end belonged to Islam.

        The Mufti, too, was Arafat’s uncle, as I remember, or great uncle.

        Oh, and to complete the history of this vile family that is not widely known– Yasir Arafat was gay and died of AIDS. Tres bizarre.

        I have a book by the former head of Romanian intelligence, Ion Mihai Pacepa, written in the late eighties, in which he talks briefly of his surveillance teams being disgusted at having to listen to Arafat having sex with his bodyguard while a ‘guest’ in Bucharest. Long before Camp David, the second intefada, etc. A fact about Arafat the world ignored. But the hospital he died in is famous for advanced AIDS treatments, and of course France is one of the few countries with no legal requirement to divulge cause of death.

        to this day Palestinians swear the Israelis “poisoned” Arafat. They cannot, or will not, discuss his death at any length. The hypocrisy of Islam, sentencing young men to death by hanging or pushing brick walls over on them, while being led by a gay man and being complicit in the coverup.

        they know.

      2. oh, and I read somewhere that Iran means “land of the Aryans”. Government there requested international community adopt that name starting in 1935.

        I don’t know what Hitler had to do with it, if anything. He had to like it, though. He was known to admire Islam for being a conquering religion. He wanted to form a new religion that was like Islam but featured himself as savior/leader.

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