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They are the feral vanguard of a collapsing system, using violence and intimidation to make it clear those not favorably connected to the political power structure will be sacrificed to preserve it, for as long as possible.Dr. Zero

Did you hear the latest about Obama’s Selective Service Record Search Results?

Today is the trial for the 9 people who broke into the Dept. Of Education Loan system.  It starts at 2:00 this afternoon.

Mika’s dad denounces Global Awakening. …knowledge is power.

Twenty-one Riehl Rules For Politicians Using Social Media. Melissa adds her 21 cents.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Al Gore has got to be pulling his hair out for Inventing the Internet …. LOL LOL LOL Knowledge is Power YES !!!!!!!!

  2. “Feral vanguard of a collapsing system” wow.

    that’s evocative. Apocalyptic imagery, even if events described are happening in somewhat ‘slow motion’. And it’s brutally true.. these leftist whiners survive and thrive off the productivity of others, and when their source of economic lifeblood is threatened we may expect them to become ever more desperate and angry, even if the threat can’t be helped… a general economic collapse, say… they’ll still get meaner and meaner as they demand others continue to provide for them How long will it take to move from threatening a man’s family to actually kidnapping or killing someone? Not as long as you think.

    But desperate and angry do not ‘motivate’ the productive to be more so. They only underline the pointlessness of being productive, as the fruits of one’s labor are just resources to be seized by others who believe they’re entitled to them. And the secret of the free market, economic liberty, personal responsibility, has always been MOTIVATION.

    positive motivation to do, make, think, achieve… and negative motivation to avoid sloth, laziness, selfishness, as those things do not pay, and their practitioners are not respected.

    But under socialism, it’s all rights and no responsibilities.

    And the downward spiral of lifestyle continues, for rich and poor alike. In leftist countries, the poor are much poorer. There is no ‘equality’. it’s a myth. Socialism causes resources to be limited, and then even after ‘redistribution’ there is not enough to go around. And anyone whose work, creativity and initiative might actually PROVIDE more resources is discouraged from such behavior, as he will not be permitted to keep what he earns and benefit from his own work.

    “Feral vanguard” indeed. to be feral, fierce, dangerous, threatening.. that is all they know. Wouldn’t it be great if they used that energy instead to do work, to start a business, to be creative and productive?

    They no longer know how. If they ever did.

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