Photo credit Flying Jenny on Flickr

Here in Cape Canaveral the windows were rattling as a powerful Delta IV rocket rumbled into space from nearby Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.  The rocket is carrying a GPS satellite into space, the first of 30 that will eventually replace the global positioning satellites currently orbiting the earth.

I wrote about this in this week’s Surfin Safari column at WorldNetDaily.

GPS, a constellation of 24 satellites with six backups, will be able to pinpoint your location within three feet, compared with a margin of error of 20 feet or more today. The U.S. Air Force is upgrading the global positioning system when it launches the first of the new generation of satellites. Launch was scheduled for Sunday night, May 23, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The replacements will take place over the next decade.

Congratulations to the U.S. Air Force and contractor launch and mission teams on a successful and beautiful nightime launch.  Bonus:  the launch came with a full moon.