“Plug the DAMN hole!”


Lucianne has outdone herself! Omygawd…. LOL…

"Plug the DAMN hole!!!"

Apparently Lucianne got it from A True Obamanation (who has lots more fun stuff, trust me):

As you all must know by now, America is in the midst of a disaster of massive proportions due to a giant hole that has, for far too long, been spewing toxic waste into our environment and wreaking further havoc on large sectors of our already severely wounded economy.

Until now, little if anything has been done to seal up this hole and contain the damage. In response to this crisis, Our Great Leader stepped forth and boldly demanded, in a manner befitting his vast leadership skills, that someone, “Plug the damn hole!”

And, at last, someone did…

By Radiopatriot

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  1. This one made me laugh out loud and long! Thank you for brightening my day! That’s the best picture I’ve ever seen of him!

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