Glenn Beck opened his show today with Andrew Breitbart in studio.

They kicked it off talking about Israel.  If you’re not paying attention to what’s happening there, you’d better start.

Breitbart brought up Code Pink’s involvement as terrorist-supporting agitprop creators over there.  The same type of agitprop goons who recently stormed a bank executive’s home. He linked it with the tactics that are used by the SEIU — the beating of Tea Party participant Kenneth Gladney.

He said if  it hadn’t been for Nina Easton reporting on the Bank of America mob scene, no one would have known about it.  “This is in Montgomery County MD, about two and a half blocks outside the DC border.  Cops escorted these 14 buses across county lines!  We have witnesses saying there were police cars there, escorting them there.

Breitbart: “Nina Easton is a liberal, the bank executive was a Clintonista.  Now Nina Easton will not report about this story – my sense is she realized  “Omigosh, this is the power structure, I can’t be seen here”.  So Nina Easton has clammed up.

Glenn then brought up the Federal Trade Commission’s move to censor internet media. ” Let’s start taxing people – put together a little board to decide whether Breitbart is good for social structure of America or if you’re an agitator or if you’re doing good or bad things for the environment and society,” he said.

Both he and Breitbart stated that this is the back door into destroying the first amendment.  Breitbart pointed out that Obama at a commencement speech honored Huffington Post.

Protest in front of bank exec?  Who was there to point at Nina’ Easton’s husband who has a conflict of interest?  Huffpo and Media Matters get paid by Soros…

“We’re just reporting the truth and they never come back and say this is false…they just impugn us,” Breitbart noted. Listen to the :31 clip.

Andrew has found out something else about the census that you need to know about.

“One of the first things the president did was screwing with the census from day one.

James O’Keefe is an American hero, inspiring other people to go undercover and report things the mainstream media will not do.”   O’Keefe — on the phone — described how he took a job with the census bureau and found supervisors were systematically telling him to falsify his timesheets for his time worked. “20 to 30% of the time I got paid for, I didn’t even work. Listen to the 1:14 clip of Andrew talking about it.

They calculated that an hour wasted at $18.25 an hour equaled $10m950k of our taxpayer money a day wasted.

Breitbart said, “This is the beginning of the investigation into the census — people are sending in thousands of emails to us about the census. Two people came to me even before James did this – where people were arbitrarily filling out census forms.”

They talked about the type of people being hired – rapists and others who prey on innocent people.

Breitbart:  “James has another major investigation he’s done – much bigger than census story – we’re trying to inspire the nation to become investigative journalists.”

Breitbart briefly talked about ABC’s George Stephanopolous, saying he had set them up during their interview on ABC yesterday. “This is a guy who when Gary Aldrich (Clinton critic) was put on this week, is the one who strong armed ABC:  if you put him on…” Stephanopolous sandbagged us. (clip 1:45)

Glenn: “The news is splitting and Andrew is on the right path here.  Get your tips to me and Andrew.”

Tonight on his TV show Glenn will be talking about the history of hate, the history of Israel, and who’s behind it. As he always says, “You don’t want to miss it.”  You don’t.

Last night’s TV program: