If you’ve been listening to Glenn Beck this morning, this heckling episode with Nancy Pelosi and Code Pink couldn’t have been better timed to make his point.  From my show notes:


A theory that came to me this morning — remember the scale of left and right? Anarchy on one side, total government on the other.  That was true at the time of our founders. But anarchy now – the black flag movement, people who are currently pushing for it at the G20 –that was not even a possibility for our founders. It was just that it would all break down.  This is an actual movement and as I’m doing my homework on the early 20th century, the anarchists during the progressive movement under Woodrow Wilson hated each other.  One is thru administration;  the anarchists wanted Communism and they wanted it now.  (Listen to audio clip 3:53)

They want revolution.  They are true Marxists.  The others are Marxist theorists.  Van Jones is a black flag kind of guy and the president is trying to appease the black flag side of his supporters.

Roman emperor was a god but didn’t abolish the senate. It’s the same thing now.  They’ve left the illusion of the DNC, but it’s dead. And the warning I gave to the Dems when they first got into bed with Michael Moore — ‘they will eat you, because they have a black flag – anarchist mentality’.

It’s happening in Europe.  I’m reading The Call, and this is what made it snap for me this morning.  ‘We want communism, but we also demand anarchy.’  How does that work? Total government and anarchy?  The ends justify the means.  Saul Alinsky. What’s happening in Europe is the anarchists are pissed at the politicians who are like our Nancy Pelosi.  In Europe they’re tired of waiting and that is beginning to show itself here. There are two camps that call themselves Democrats — the run of the mill Marxists, and the true Marxist believers. (Listen to audio 1:36)


The guy from SEIU – Andy Stern — go online now and see what we’re doing.  Chalkboard.  Research I did over the weekend and I stumbled into… the anarchist is a communist movement.  And we’re going on what the president said yesterday. That was not a message to you. That was a message to someone else, you can feel it.  Who?  The über left.

Total government on one side — anarchy on the other.  The Left and Right scale is actually up and down.  The progressive right is Nazi, the progressive left is Communist.  There’s one thing missing on this and that is – limited government.  But if you look at the scale and understand history of anarchists in American and begin to separate the people in Obama’s government — Jones, Ayers, Stern — top of the list.

The press is starting to report that the press is starting to turn on him — no no, it’s people like Bill Maher.

Clip of Maher “he needs to drag them to it, they’re stupid, get healthcare done”

That’s amazing. So he doesn’t belong with Harry Reid.  Nancy Pelosi frightens me, not sure where she is.  More radical than Harry Reid. (Listen to audio clip 3:29)

So on one side – total govt side, they’re progressives, they do want global control. Big giant government.

Anarchists – Jones, Stern, Maher, Oliver Stone, Sean Penn… people who are tired of waiting. these are the people that Jim Rogers has convinced who has designed this whole system.  Destroy from the inside.

The president doesn’t kick ass… he upholds justice.  who says that? a revolutionary.  He’s reaching out to them in their language, trying to hold them at bay. I don’t know how he’s going to do that.

Joe Biden selected as vice president, now I understand wy.  He was the union guy. The union vote. But Obama already had that.  Try this on for size.  Stern is on anarchist side – workers of the world unite — the dangerous side.  Biden is the “I’m just for big government” – a balance to Stern in case things go wrong, go bad, an emergency stop.  Does it make sense?

He serves that balancing act with Israel.

Where’s Obama on the scale?  Soros? Holder? Kagan? Pelosi? there are politicians and there are koolaid drinkers. “If I can’t have it, no one can”. Those are the people who should be of grave concern.  The Clintons? Just a part of this system who cobble this together:  “Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet.  We can control them.”  They couldn’t be more wrong.  The poison is in the system.

Look for the stories on this big über left convention on Washington.

Robert Reich — I don’t know for sure where he fits but I think he’s on the total govt side, and is either speaking for anarchist commie side, or its an olive branch…

sound clip — we need to have govt take over BP ops at least until its solved.

And that’s what the über left is pissed about.  (Listen to audio clip 1:42)


There’s so many things that just don’t make sense unless you understand history and look for the connections.

We were all bothered by the mosque about to be built at Ground Zero.  I said unless you have any kind of evidence, you can’t stop it — it’s the rule of law.

Now I think we can probably join here, Ground Zero mosque imam is linked to this anti Israel flotilla and part of another group organizing to raise money for this group.  Key organizer for the six-ship flotilla that tried to break the blockade.   Includes William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn and the biggest contribution came from Perdania.

Did he know that the Muslim brotherhood — the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Tea Parties – be careful who you get in bed with . do they have any kind of values and principles?  Including the Tea Party endorse republican in Nevada? It may hurt the stronger republican in the race.

It’s great that the TP is endorsing people and they have a power base if you will, but what are their values and principles? These groups that are claiming they’re innocent, no were just peace activists, and you’re with the two founders fo the wx underground who do not deny that terrorism was a tactic and wish they did more…it is time for a real vetting of this group and they won’t get one.  The DoJ won’t do it.  Why?

The question you have to ask is this:

Is Obama the president or is he a puppet?  …Is he the guy or is it based in the Center for American Progress with Soros

Did he design all of this?  I don’t think so.  He was selected before he was elected (Farrakhan)

Which side is he on?  Is he a guy who believes like Van Jones or Bill Clinton? (Listen to audio clip 2:26)


Come to Wasington and bring your children on 8-18.  Bring your children.  Leave your signs at home. This is not a Tea Party. I beleive this is the pivot point.  Be there with your children. (Listen to audio clip 1:03)

There is a big progressive get together in Washington right now and one of the things they’re doing tomorrow is they’re coming at me.  We’d love to have our cameras there.  It is the über left that is doing it. There is a war going on now inside of the progressive November because they have bedded some of the most dangerous people in america. this is who the Dems have allowed into their own boudoir.

Bill Ayers clip

Audio coming now just been released, and surprise surprise we haven’t seen it anywhere else, fox had it a few minutes ago — Nancy Pelosi being heckled a this über progressive caucus.  they start to heckle her and they can’t get it under control.  This is why Obama said the kick ass thing yesterday.  In any time have you heard a president say this?  Maybe in a sports… I’ve never heard it.  It’s not the swear, although for the president it’s not cool, especially in an interview.  But that’s not what disturbs me — it’s the fact that we have a president whose job is not to kick ass, it’s to apply the law equally, to see that justice is served.  Can you imagine if that cowboy Bush had said that?  “Bring it on!” – they went crazy!  And that was in war!

That’s not his job. Especially when it comes to a private company. He wasn’t saying it to us. The über Left is falling apart.  The coalition is coming apart.

I told you it would happen and warning when it does because these people will eat their own. She’s the one who got healthcare done. It wasn’t Obama, I got news for you.  Is she a communist or is she a progressive?  I don’t think Pelosi is on the terrorist spectrum.  Ayers is, Van Jones is, they’re revolutionaries.

This is a giant set up in Europe and here too. The politicians have been in bed with the Marxist revolutionaries, the unions and they know how much trouble they’re in… if this doesn’t work, they’re done.  How are the unions going to pay off the loans they used to back Obama?  They see now that even Pelosi will not continue to charge because they’re so freaked by the election. They know we’re close. They know trouble on the streets, and they’re willing to do it.  Clinton and Reid don’t want blood on the streets.  But they were promised by these socialist politicians who said we’ll do it just do it slowly.  They’re tired of waiting.  (Listen to audio clip 1:33)

Europe’s window of opportunity is closing – they’re going into austerity programs.  So why aren’t we doing that here?  Because when we do, the left starts setting everything on fire.  And they know it.  And then they’re done.  If they cause chaos, then the govt has to seize more rights, more power, so they win.  It’s a fascinating trap. (listen to audio clip 1:29)

The good news is we don’t have to get into it. We have to be involved.  We have to put non-progressives in office.  Values.  Principles.


From a comment left at Free Republic in response to this post (which I cross posted there as well).  Food for thought:

“Total government” vs. “communist side” WHAT?

They don’t want total government, but they want global control?


Just because Nancy Pelosi hasn’t publicly called for “revolution” she isn’t a communist?

Obama isn’t a communist? Then what is he? Who does he ultimately serve?

Does Beck believe that once his “progressives” marginalize the right the game is over? The game just gets heated up at that point. Then the battle is between the so-called “Progressive” (who I call the “transition team”) and the real-deal communists—guess who triumphs in this battle?

The Clintons are “using” the hard left? Does Beck really believe this?

Van Jones is at the top of the list? Jones is but a G.R.U.N.T. with loose lips and an attitude.

Beck is way off track.

He should be using his resources to make the international connections. These communist/”progressive” organizations that he speaks of regularly are created/supported/funded by communist countries, i.e., our sworn enemies.

This is a global movement with the US as objective #1.

Besides, what Beck did today is splitting hairs? It was weird. Shades of collectivists? This is a dangerous game he’s playing.

I think he’s been hanging with O’Reilly (the bold, fresh, two-faced marshmallow) far too much.

Socialism is unsustainable—in fact, there is no such thing. There is only a transition mechanism from capitalism to communism.

I hear conservatives say socialism “always fails.” No, socialism ALWAYS succeeds in rotting free markets and individual freedom, and in creating havoc which the power mongers then use to tighten their grip on the throats of the masses.

These are communists, folks. The O’Reilly’s of the world are really doing us all a monumental disservice by fostering denial, or what Beck refers to as “the normalcy bias.”

While O’Reilly is telling his audience of millions that communists pose no threat to us, the hard left is working feverishly on the hearts and minds of the masses to create one-neck for one leash.

I don’t believe it’s a good time to be splitting hairs, Beck. Ultimately, they all serve your biggest nightmare.

To me, it’s arguing who is the better serial killer.

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