With silver bells and cockle shells?  And pretty maids in a row?

I don’t know why I said that.  I was actually thinking of grades.  As in school bells.  Guess I’ve been spending too much time at Michelle’s Mirror, where I’ve been for the better part of too much time laughing out loud at the hilarious posts about “Madame DeFarge”.  Whoever’s writing this stuff ought to be paid.  Big bucks.  Loren Michaels would be lucky to get them, and for sure, SNL would be appointment TV for me if he did.

Before I tell you about tonight’s radio program, I’ll give you a sneak peek into Michelle’s mirror.  And then you’ll just have to go over there yourself. But be prepared.  You’ll be howling.

Michelle Obama’s Mirror’s Blog

Wag the Dog

Day 50 of the Gulf Oil Disaster (GOD) and still, we didn’t rest. A party!

What? Another party? Aren’t we supposed to be kicking ass and plugging the damn hole? Well, maybe we’ll let the people take care of that at the polls on Super Tuesday. Meantime, we’ve got the Congressional Picnic to attend. And little Bo had to take big BO for a walk.

dog walks man

I’m in charge here!

I’ve got the reins, don’t worry!

I said heel, Big Guy

Lady M had adequately recuperated from her post-traumatic compression disorder so she was able to attend too. And we finally found an appropriate occasion for one of our million sundresses.

picnic bangles

picnic bangles

Bracelet representing all of the major races: black, white, brown and silver. All multi-culti pearls.

picnic walkin on air

Look! Lady M is light as air! We’re trying water next.

Exec chef Jason Stoller Smith – how many chef’s do you know with 3 names? – prepared smoked salmon to serve the Congressional delegation. There were some rumblings about hot dogs being easier, cheaper and more appropriate, but no one around here takes Glenn Beck seriously.

jason stoller smith 21 salmon salute

Chef prepares the 21-salmon salute

Party-On! Next scheduled event is a Tea Party.



Legislative Constipation and Blue Dogs in the House

The public’s voice is being heard in DC, from affecting the legislative schedule to the recent primaries.
GradeGov has gotten it right almost every time–predicting the winners in the primary races.  Elizabeth Letchworth is the brains behind GradeGov.com, and she’ll be with us tonight to talk about what mischief the Senate and House are getting into this week.  We’ll look at what Elizabeth calls the move-on liberal wing’s “agenda saturation” .
Want to know what’s happening on Capitol Hill?  Join us for an insider’s notebook the cover of which reads,
“They work for you….remind them”
Tonight at 9p ET on