Thanks to Judy T. of the Merritt Island 9-12 We Surround Them/Tea party movement group, KrisAnne Hall will join me on Sunday afternoon at 3p ET for a special edition of my radio show.

KrisAnne, former Florida Assistant State Attorney, will talk about why she was fired for speaking at a local Tea Party rally.

Both Florida’s attorney general and Lt. Governor supported KrisAnne and condemned the firing.  KrisAnne has asked a federal judge for a ruling that would allow her to keep speaking and prevent her boss — a Democrat — from firing her.

You might also have seen Kris Anne’s appearance on Fox News explaining what happened.

On Sunday at 3p, she’ll join us with an update on what’s happened since her firing.  Was it politically motivated?  You be the judge.

The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW – Special Edition
Sunday, 3p ET