My faithful radio show listener Bob The Patriot from “Connecticut-stan” is always the first one in the chat room each night before the show starts.  Last Friday night we spent a few moments chatting before the show began and he confided that he was looking forward to attending a very special event on Sunday — a 100th birthday party for a family member.

I asked him to send me photos of the happy occasion. He did, and I’m inserting them in a slide show.  But to get the full enjoyment of the event, you really must go to Bob’s blogsite  “The Nutmeg and Bolts” and read for yourself what a sweet and fun time was had by all.

P.S. — We now know what Bob the Patriot and his mother look like.  The voice that often calls into the show now has a face.  Thanks for sharing this wonderful occasion with us Bob!  And a very happy 100th birthday to Queen Millie the Amazing!

And speaking of birthdays… our warrior goddess Pamela Geller is celebrating hers on Monday, June 14th — raise the Flag on Flag day for our warrior queen, Atlas Shrugs!  Happy birthday baby!  You da best!

Gold and diamonds for Atlas Shrugs Pamela Geller's birthday!

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