From Hot Air:

Alternate headline: “Nervous looks now being exchanged in Republican corridors of power.” To listen to the media, you’d think opposition to birthright citizenship is the province of alleged fringe-dwellers like Rand Paul (and George Will!). Not so: Per a Rasmussen poll taken last week, 58 percent of likely voters oppose it. That’s not exactly what Brewer’s talking about, though. Her point is that even if a kid is an American citizen — and presumably, even if he was born and raised here and speaks only English — we don’t cut his parents a break on amnesty. If deporting them means breaking up the family, hey — that’s their call. That strikes me as a position … unlikely to be embraced by most prominent Republicans, including those who’d otherwise oppose a general amnesty, but I’m kind of intrigued that a conservative whose profile is as high as hers is pulling the pin and tossing this grenade out there. Exit question: What would Maverick say?

Exit answer:  Who the hell cares.  To date, what has McAmnesty done to protect his home state AND the nation?  Long past time for McMaverick to go.

Meanwhile, Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce is on the job. He gets a Gold Star.