As presidential administrations come and go, the bureaucracy lingers on to perfect its ways, and this is nowhere more sinister than in the domain of the CIA and its allies throughout the government.  The CIA has learned to hide behind its best cover — that is, that it is an intelligence agency — when actually it devours more money, more time, more manpower, and more effort in support of that part of its organization responsible for its overt “Fun and Games” activities all over the world (not to mention within this country).

When one analyzes such activity carefully, he must realize that the essence of covert operations directed and carried out by the government of the United States, from the top down, is the denial of the international concept of nation-state sovereignty, the principle upon which the family of nations exists.

This situation has been brought about by the existence of the Earth-destroying hydrogen bombs, by the uncontrolled and uncontrollable growth of world-around communications, by the runaway power of transnational corporations, and by a new economic system of corporate socialism.  All of these factors threaten and destroy sovereignty, as is evidence by the events that have occurred in the Soviet Union since 1990.

This is what the destruction of sovereignty and disregard for the rule of law means, and it will not stop there.  With it will go property rights — as we have witnessed in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union — and the rights of man.”

— Ch. 15, The Erosion of National Security, pp 230-231,
JFK, The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy