Chris Burgard, "Border" documentary filmmaker, speaks to thousands at the Tea Party Express national tour kickoff in Searchlight NV.

You know that ‘off limits’ area in Arizona called Buenos Aires Wildlife preserve?  It has essentially been closed to Americans and surrendered to the Mexican drug cartels.

That is the exact area where Chris Burgard (seen above at the Tea Party Express kickoff in Searchlight NV) filmed his movie BORDER, and watched columns of heavily armed men escorting people across the border.  His movie predicted the increasing violence and conflict in that exact area several years back, but no one wanted to hear it.

In fact, he was told that if he returned, he would be arrested.

“A call has gone out for help.   Not only is it unanswered, the government has posted signs warning Americans to not enter an area of Arizona – The Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge which is three counties wide and 80 miles deep.  The Federal government has suspended building the fence along the border, and  no military personnel have been committed nor is expected to be assigned to this area. It’s out of control with heavily armed, drug runners and human smugglers.” – Josiahe’s Blog

Today at NOON ET, Chris Burgard will join me on a special edition of the ANDREA SHEA KING Show to talk about that part of AZ that is a ‘no go’ zone for Americans?  It’s outrageous, and Chris has the inside scoop.

Join us — at NOON ET today.