“From the Gulf” – An exclusive PSC Online documentary

Videographer Jeff Bruzzo of Project Shining City

From the Gulf ~ An Exclusive PSC Online film documentary showing the voice of the people and the public outrage over the lack of response by both BP and the Federal Government, over the solution, containment, clean-up, and economic/ecological damage.  With commentary by Jeff Bruzzo, Jack Kemp, Lloyd Marcus, Bill Miller, Paul Szemanczky, Alex Massa, Toddy Littman & Wayne Klinger.

“Please pray that the oil has been stopped, but let us NOT forget the devastation of this crisis, and we MUST not let this be cast to the back of the headlines. The gulf is still full of oil, lives are still devastated, and people are still hurting. It will not end when the oil stops flowing.”


“God bless and thank you, in advance, for all of your help in making sure that the truth be known, that those affected are not forgotten, and those responsible are held accountable.”

Music for the documentary by Krista Branch – I Am America ~ and Grammy Award winning producer Trade Martin.

Very special thanks to Project Shining City ~ First Coast Tea Party ~ Blue Collar CornerOKforTeaWooTv ~ Windows to Liberty

“At the release of this film, BP has announced the latest cap has been successful in stopping the gusher 5,300 feet below.  The affected area has gotten smaller due to the chemical dispersants in the Gulf itself. It is however affecting some 500 miles of beaches in the five Gulf of Mexico states with tar balls and gobs of oil washing in different but not ALL areas in those five states.   Lives are still devastated and people are still hurting.  It will not end when the oil stops flowing. Please view and pass this video along and help us get the TRUTH out. God bless and thank you, in advance, for all of your help in making sure that the truth be known, that those affected are not forgotten, and those responsible are held accountable.”

By Radiopatriot

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  1. First, my qualifications… I buy and sell chemical, refining and oil & gas processing equipment. In the last 90’s got into commercial fishing in Louisiana. I regularly visit all of those way out of the way places along the Louisiana Gulf Coast populated by commercial fishermen and shipyards and offshore supply bases.

    90% of anything on the internet is flat out fantasy regarding this well blowout.

    Fishermen (especially shrimpers) are really mad because all signs pointed to this being a bountiful year like none in recent history. The Feds closed areas during the short shrimping season that need not have been closed. Much of the income is cold hard cash. Many of these shrimpers are not going to be able to show tax returns to get compensation.

    The coastal areas are extremely clannish in that they do not trust anyone from the outside especially those from out of state. Thus they are not going to talk to them PERIOD. If they do, they are not going to say much and some of what they say is going to be made up. It has been that way for eons.

    There is no way on this earth that ANY documentaries are going to get the straight scoop.

    As for me, my mother, right out of college in the early 1940’s, taught school in one of these communities which was only accessible by boat at that time. That gives me an entre to such areas. They still remember her name 65 years since that time.

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