Israelis to Obama: ‘meh…’

Dan Friedman of NYC is a man of few words.  But the ones he uses sparingly invariably hit the mark. His comment follows the piece below.

Poll: Israelis not swayed by Obama

Survey finds only 1-point rise in Israelis saying US is pro-Israel.

JPost, July 15, 2010

US President Barack [ed: Hussein] Obama’s efforts to reach out to the people of Israel last week – when he hosted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for a positive meeting at the White House and gave his first interview as president to an Israeli television station – were not very successful, according to a Smith Research poll for The Jerusalem Post.

After [ed: Hussein] Obama’s earlier meetings with Netanyahu were portrayed as adversarial, [ed: Hussein] Obama made a point of treating the prime minister with the utmost respect last week, accompanying him to his car and constantly commending him in particular and Israelis in general during his press conference with Netanyahu on Tuesday, and his interview with Channel 2 anchor Yonit Levy two days later.

But what was widely described as a “charm offensive” did not immediately sway many Israelis in his favor, the JPost/Smith poll indicates. There was only a 1 percentage point rise in Israelis who consider the US administration headed by [ed: Hussein] Obama to be more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian since the last such poll was taken in March.

When asked whether they saw [ed: Hussein] Obama’s administration as more pro-Israel, more pro- Palestinian or neutral, just 10 percent of Israeli Jews said more pro-Israel, 46% said more pro-Palestinian, 34% said neutral and 10% did not express an opinion.


[Tough crowd. Must be his middle name. df]   Dan Friedman

By Radiopatriot

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  1. The fact that Obama called the meeting for the day of a CRESCENT MOON should tell you something.

    Can you say taq’qiyah?

    This was the last crescent moon before the anniversay of the birthdate of Sultan abd al-Hamin — the last ruler of the Ottoman Empire. So what? Read what the prime minister of Turkey said about him, when he declared a month ago that the next flotilla to Gaza would be in “late July”. And, on the heels of that speech, Iran said that her navy would accompany Turkey’s navy into Israeli territorial waters to escort the flotilla. That, folks, is an ACT OF WAR.

    Expect a war next week. And, not just any war…

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